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3 Signs Your Thyroid Is Failing You… And How to Fix it

Chances are you or someone you know has thyroid disease. An estimated 27 million Americans do—and it’s on the rise.1

Half don’t even know they have it.2

Thyroid disease has many different causes… But perhaps the most common—and preventable—is an iodine deficiency. Iodine is critical for helping your thyroid make hormones. These hormones aid in brain function, metabolism regulation, and healing.3

But when your body is iodine-deficient, and your thyroid isn’t functioning as it should, you’re likely to:

Put on weight easily. A malfunctioning thyroid can cause your metabolism to slow. You won’t burn calories as efficiently—and you’ll store extra fat.

Feel tired, weak, and foggy. When your metabolism slows, you have less energy. This exacerbates fatigue and makes you unable to keep up mentally and physically.

Lose your hair. Thyroid hormones stimulate hair follicle growth. But a decrease in thyroid hormones means follicles don’t turn over at their normal rate, and hair doesn’t grow back.4

Iodine deficiency is more common than you think. In fact, it’s been labeled a “public health crisis.”5 Up to a third of the population might not get enough iodine.6

Back in the 1920s, health policy makers pushed to add iodine to table salt. But some research suggests this type of iodine has poor bioavailability.8 That means very little actually gets absorbed in your body.

For sufficient iodine levels, eat more shellfish, fresh garlic, lima beans, organic spinach, and summer squash. You can also take a high-quality iodine supplement. Adults should aim for about 150 mcg a day.8

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