Bio PT Elixir

The anti-aging drink mix to help you feel younger

Preliminary research shows that the anti-aging ingredients in our powerhouse Bio PT Elixir can help your heart, support your brain, and rejuvenate your body cell by cell.

  • Wake up vibrant—your mind immediately clear and sharp.
  • Have boundless, natural energy that carries you throughout the entire day—no caffeine needed.
  • Attack every task on your to-do list with precision and focus.
  • Be more productive and finish each day feeling satisfied with your accomplishments.
  • Feel more positive and reeling with good energy.
  • Know that with every step you take, your body's inner defenses are hard at work keeping you healthy.

Simply by drinking a daily six-ounce glass that contains this anti-aging nutrient blend.

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The energy and mental clarity you need to make the most of each day

You've tried to gather all the latest nutrient rich supplements to give you an anti-aging boost. You trek from health food store to farm to pharmacy only to buy everything and try to "get it right" by doing it yourself.

But you'd be hard-pressed to get all of the nutrients, at the right concentration, to deliver the highest possible level of anti-aging protection, without stuffing yourself with nothing but berries all day long!

And what would it cost you to buy all these ingredients and keep them fresh long enough to have one serving a day?

The right balance of antioxidant nutrients is this anti-aging secret.

Researchers in biochemistry and molecular genetics have found that resveratrol, found in grape skin and blueberries, dramatically affects cells.

Add the "new compound" pterostilbene, which is the extra-potent version of resveratrol, and you have a health formula that blows everything else out of the water.

When these antioxidants break though the blood/brain barrier, they’re on the fast track to support your entire body.

The blood-brain barrier is the gatekeeper to your cells. It keeps out unwanted invaders that can damage your cells.

When allowed to pass through, you have a powerhouse combo that is better at supporting brain and heart health, and keeping your skin young and healthy.

Instead of waking up with aches and pains and then trudging through your day in a mental fog, you can wake up feeling vibrant—with the energy and mental clarity you need to be more productive throughout the day (no caffeine needed).

The powerful ingredients in Bio PT Elixir:

Health secrets from around the globe—from Tibet to South America—are now in this tasty and refreshing elixir. You can drink to your health every morning, to stay young, healthy, and fit for a long, long time.

Everything good gets magnified with minerals magnesium and potassium...

Magnesium: Increases energy, helps you fall asleep faster, aids with digestion, eases muscle aches and pains. It is important for your brain and heart health.

Potassium: One of the seven essential macro minerals. It can help to maintain bone health, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.

Mixed with a bounty of berries with free radical scavenging effects…

The Super Berry Blend: Acai Fruit Extract, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Elderberry Fruit Powder, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Cherry Fruit Extract, Blackberry Fruit Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract.

All are rich in polyphenols—the inflammation fighters—and when we add Grape Skin Extract and Green Tea Extract it amps up the power to promote healthy inflammation (a natural response to keep the body in balance).

Keep your mind sharp…your memory intact…and your body in ultimate balance with Bio PT Elixir.

"Bio PT Elixir is better than any of the so-called energy drinks out there. It helps keep your energy level constant without the sudden drop that the others have. I would only recommend supplements that I have actually tested in my own body and found to give beneficial results. Bio PT Elixir is one."  –John Powell in Ocean Springs, MS
"This is my energy booster extraordinaire! I’m over 75 and have been looking after my own health needs for years. Bio PT Elixir is great stuff—and as a bonus, it tastes wonderful."  –Levi Marion in Pontiac, Michigan
"I can now walk two or more miles with no problems. I wish this product was around 25 years go!"  –George Kirkland in Carlsbad, CA
"I take Bio PT Elixir because I eat a high protein diet and this is a way of getting the other supplements that I don’t get in my diet. When I miss a day, I notice the difference. I would not go without it."  –Christopher Blake in El Toro, CA
"I just have a greater feeling of wellbeing. I take it to slow down the aging process a little, so I can continue to look and feel my best. And it tastes great!”  –Jim Menza in Key West, FL