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Quick Overview

It’s being called “the biggest medical breakthrough of our lifetime”…

You can hardly turn on the TV without hearing top doctors rave about “the most powerful plant on Earth”…

Tens of thousands of people are calling it a miracle

It’s called CBD – and now you can experience its full life-changing power with CannaComplete.

CannaComplete is packed with a full 20mg of CBD, allowing you to:

  • Melt your stress away and rid your day of anxiety

  • Supercharge your brain with razor-sharp focus and unbreakable concentration

  • Achieve the best sleep of your life, every single night – feeling refreshed and rejuvenated day after day

  • Conquer the pain from your creaky, aching joints – soothing your entire body from head to toe

*Currently available only in the U.S.

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The Cure for the 21st Century

You see articles about it on every news site, every day.

New studies showing its profound, life-changing effects are rolling out with breakneck speed.

You’ve probably found yourself wondering – “Is this really the miracle people say it is? Is it all just hype?

It’s called CBD – and studies have shown it can be a safe, natural, and effective solution for everything from chronic stress to inflammation.

But researchers feel they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for its incredible healing effects. CBD has near limitless potential for how it can give your health a pain-free overhaul.

CannaComplete – the superior CBD product

CBD is the most revolutionary health breakthrough on the planet – but despite all of the news, there’s a lot of questions. What can it do? How should you use it? And where should you start? It’s important to get the highest quality you can trust.

In fact, studies have shown an astounding 70% of CBD products don’t contain as much CBD as they advertise.

And those that do typically come as a brown, messy oil – complete with a foul taste like moldy grass.

At New Summit Nutritionals, we’ve been supplement experts for over 25 years.

Every bottle of CannaComplete encapsulates the power of CBD in an easy to swallow and carry with you pill.  Plus our famous quality control standards guarantee you’ll get the exact right dose in every pill.

It’s produced using only high-grade organic hemp and is extracted through the patented Cannabid-ALL extraction process.

This means you get the full benefits of the whole plant as nature intended – including the antioxidant power of terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll.

No other product can deliver on such a promise.

CannaComplete can give you a complete mind and body makeover:

Stress and anxiety: Animal models have shown CBD boosts serotonin signaling in your brain. This flood of nature’s “happiness elixir” can transform you from an anxious wallflower to a calm, collected, worry-free extrovert. Studies have shown it even takes the sting out of public speaking.

Brain protection and healing: CBD has proven “neuroprotective” qualities. It brings balance to your brain’s “Endocannabinoid System” – which regulates mood, clear thinking, attention, and focus. CBD has incredible antioxidant potential as well – scrubbing your brain free of toxic free radicals.

Sleep: Get the best sleep of your life, every night. Pay no mind to those who call CBD “nature’s Ambien” – CBD actually teaches your body to fall into a deep sleep, night after night. You’ll wake up feeling recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated – with no fear of the dreaded “3 p.m. crash.”  

Inflammation: Sanjay Gupta, M.D., stated live on CNN that CBD “can help treat pain. That is a consensus by the National Academy of Sciences. That is not an opinion. That is a fact.” It can heal your sore, aching joints without dangerous “quick fix” solutions like opioids.


CannaComplete Ingredients

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. Always consult with your physician before making any changes in diet or taking dietary supplements.


Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F). Do not use if seal is broken.

Color of this product may vary due to color variations of the natural ingredient.

Cannabid-ALL™ is a registered trademark of Extraordinary Extracts, LLC.