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Quick Overview

Regain the energy, vitality, and sex drive you had in your 20’s—naturally.

Charge360™ addresses all the major issues that aging men face.
Decreases in: energy, sex drive, muscle mass, and motivation.

The four ingredients in Charge360™ help:

  • Boost natural testosterone levels and combat the negative effects of Aging Male Syndrome (AMS).
  • Support healthy stress hormone levels and a positive mood.
  • Increase muscle power and size with strength training.
  • Reduce excess body fat.
  • And may improve erection hardness, frequency, and duration.

With Charge360™, you can feel like your younger self all day long—from the time you get out of bed, through the afternoon slump, to when you lie down to sleep (or have sex) at night.

The most complete natural testosterone and men’s healthy aging supplement available.

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Tucked inside this dull, non-descript brown box is a game changer for guys over 50.

You won’t see commercials for it on TV.

You won’t hear about it on the radio.

Yet this plain brown box contains everything you need to look, feel, and act like a COMPLETE man again.

Guys across America confirm it…

“I feel younger, I must say,” said Joseph Fischer in Hoboken, NJ.

“Energy and vitality,” are what Theo Slater in Fisk, MO noticed first.

“It’s boosted my sex drive, and it’s natural…” Don Plummer in Reston, MD shared.

This is a secret that’s been shown to skyrocket testosterone as much as only 10 days!

That means more energy, less fat, bigger muscles, stronger bones, and better sleep.

Not only that…

The contents of this little brown box substantially charge up your stamina, strength, and memory, while improving how you deal with stress, and improving your heart health and mood.

And sex. More sex. Longer sex. Better sex. No matter your age.

In this report, you’ll discover exactly what’s in this brown box. How it can restore and reinvigorate everything related to your manhood. And how you can get it delivered to your own doorstep (we’ll even pay for shipping).

And you don’t have to tell anyone your secret. Not even your wife, though she will definitely wonder what’s gotten into you. After all, that’s why it comes in a plain brown box…

Say Goodbye to Slow, Fat, & Feminine

Those guys quoted above, Joseph, Theo, and Don. We sent them a brown box in exchange for their opinions on what they found inside.

Like 80% of guys over 50, especially ones in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, they were feeling like their man card was about to be revoked.

Not into sex or not getting started as fast as they used to…moody and easily stressed…tired after getting a full night’s sleep…weaker muscles, creaky knees, softer stomach, “man boobs”…

A lot of guys think that’s just what happens when you get older.

Some know what’s really going on. But aren’t sure what to safely do about it.

Call it low T, andropause, male menopause (yes, that’s a thing), bottom line is, testosterone is the chemical messenger that goes around to all the different parts of your body and tells them to man up.

Without enough circling around, you get slow…fat…and yeah, feminine.

Low T and Healthy T Diagram

Your sex drive and performance, your bone and muscle strength, fat distribution (that's the man boobs), metabolism and muscle size, your facial hair, even your red blood cell production (literally being a red-blooded male!)—it all comes from your testosterone (T).

Young men typically have T levels around 1,000 ng/dL. You remember what that feels like. Constantly ready for sex. The guy everyone asked to lift something heavy. A champ in the gym and between the sheets.

But after you hit 40, your levels go down almost 2% a year. That might not seem like a lot. But it sneaks up on you until one day you’re in your 60s with half your T left wondering what the hell happened to the man you used to be.

Testosterone Decline Chart

In fact, the typical T levels in a man of 60 would be considered too low—a deficiency—in a man of 40.

But how much more experience, wisdom, skills, and common sense do you have at 60 compared to 40?

It’s only fair that your body should get better with time, too.

That's where this brown box comes in.

The secret starts with the most powerful testosterone-boosting extract on the planet. Specially collected from the roots of a tree that grows exclusively in the Malaysian rainforests.

One 52-year-old man started with a testosterone level of 450 ng/dL. Less than half what a young man has.

He tried the Malaysian extract in a clinical trial.

After only 10 days, the man’s testosterone had jumped 70%!

Testosterone Jump Chart

And the kicker: He didn’t have to do anything else. No exercise, no special diet, nada.

He just sat back and let the T flow freely.

(Another guy combined the extract with exercise and his T went through the roof—by 132%!)

You’ll see what this extract is and how much you should take in a minute. First, you need to know this:

This is not your run-of-the-mill testosterone booster that puts T in to your body.

Instead, it encourages your body to ramp up its production and to free the testosterone that's trapped in your body. Your own testosterone that isn't being used.

That’s right… Low T might not be your problem at all! You’re simply not able to use the T you have. It’s there…but it’s hiding.

And that makes all the difference.

This is where so many guys get it wrong. Or why they're afraid to help themselves at all...

The truth is, when your body gets testosterone from the outside, it starts thinking it has enough or that it'll get more soon. So your own body gets lazy and doesn't bother to make any of its own. It gets dependent on its next fix.

What specialty clinics and advertisements don’t tell you is this:

1) As you age, another hormone in your body wants to trap your testosterone. And it succeeds with a lot of it. It’s still inside you, but you can’t use it.

2) Your body knows how to free its trapped T and produce new T. It’s one of those things left over from caveman days.

That's why, if you’re looking for a real, lasting solution to get back to the man you used to be…

Don’t TAKE Testosterone.
MAKE Testosterone.

You don’t need any unnatural mechanism that pumps T into your body.

Your own body can handle it just fine. Often just as fast. (You saw that one guy’s jumped 132% in 10 days.) But more important, in steady and sustained amounts.

That means no wild swings in hormones that kill your mood. No weird body shape that makes people do a double take—for the wrong reasons. No flooding your body with too much T and needing constant monitoring to make sure your levels are right.

You’ll know it’s working by how you look and feel and how others (especially women) react to you.

Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that your other hormones are secure. Your heart is supported. Your liver. Your kidneys. Your prostate is unaffected…

And all you need is the potent, powerful combination of natural nutrients designed to boost your T to effective levels, and so much more.

THAT is what’s inside this plain brown box.

So let’s open it up and discover...

Everything you NEED for everything it MEANS to be a man.

It's the result of a research collaboration between the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Malaysian government.

And it's about as state of the art as it gets.

Carefully collected in the Malaysian rainforest.

Classified by the World Health Organization as non-toxic.

Freeze dried with no fillers, and shipped to the U.S. where a little company in Bradenton, FL keeps it fresh.

It's called longjack.


But this isn’t just any longjack. I’m talking about a patented version with over 12 published clinical trials—on humans. It's the most studied, most successful form of nature's most powerful testosterone booster. It’s called LJ100.

And one of the main ways it works is by releasing the T you have trapped inside your body.

You see, at the same time your testosterone is dropping, a hormone called Sex Hormone-Biding Globulin (SHBG) is gaining power. It sucks up all the T it can find, trapping it so it can't be used.

The result: decreased desire for sex, your erections aren’t what they used to be, changes in mood, brain fog, tiredness, less muscle and strength, less body hair...

All those things that make you a man are trapped too.

LJ100 swoops in and unlocks the door.

A scientific review published in the journal Andrologia confirms that LJ100 "must be seen as a testosterone 'maintainer' or 'restorer' by releasing testosterone from SHBG."

In one of the dozen studies on LJ100, 30 men took it for three weeks. LJ100 decreased the T-trapping SHBG in two thirds of the men, releasing and boosting free testosterone in 73% of them.

And that's not all. Some of the men reported:

  • They felt more healthy, active, and energized.
  • Their sexual desire increased and they were easily aroused.
  • They could maintain an erection longer and climaxed more during sex.
  • Their joints and backaches felt better.
  • They got good sleep.
  • Their memory was sharp.

The researchers performing the study were so impressed, they said, "Males in general and elderly men in particular would find this specific extract valuable as a health elixir to keep them on the move."

That was backed up in a medical journal review where scientists said that LJ100, “improves quality of life by improving vitality, physical activity, and a sense of general well-being. It has an anti-aging effect, increases vigor, and improves mood… All effects that are also attributed to increased testosterone.”

Increasing testosterone is
longjack’s specialty.

It does it by decreasing SHBG, as you just saw. And it does it by decreasing estrogen—the “feminine” hormone. If you’re extra moody and tired lately or don’t feel like having sex…if you have more fat around your middle—especially “man boobs”…you might have more estrogen than you want. Longjack helps you replace estrogen with testosterone.

Before one study, only 35% of the 76 men had normal T levels. One month after taking the extract, 90% of them did!

And you can imagine they soon noticed more lean muscle, bigger arms, less fat, and a stronger grip.

How about one month to a better mood? Tension went down 11%, anger went down 12%, and confusion went down 15% compared to a placebo after a four-week study.

Researchers think it's because longjack restores the balance between testosterone and cortisol. Testosterone went up 37% in these same 63 people, and cortisol—the stress hormone—went down 16%.

The researchers said longjack "may be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of stress, as well as the stress of dieting, poor sleep, and exercise training."

And studies show no negative effects on the liver, kidneys, cholesterol, blood sugar, immune system, or your prostate.

Then there’s the sex.

In 109 men who were asked how often they could get an erection when they wanted to have intercourse, after 300 mg of longjack, a significant amount answered "almost always or always." And it worked just as well for the 50-somethings as the 30-somethings.

They even had more sexual dreams!

You can see why LJ100 is powerful on its own. And you could take it by itself.

But why only take LJ100 when it can get better?

Introducing: Charge360™

The perfect combination of 200 mg of the most studied form of longjack, LJ100, plus three "boosters"... You'll find it only in Charge360™. The all-around formula for everything it means to be a man, exclusively from New Summit Nutritionals. 

Men (and the women who love them) have asked us for years: what's safe, what really works, what's the best way to feel like a man again—in every sense of the word?

We don't take any chances in what we recommend to our customers. In what we take ourselves and give to friends and family.

That's why we created Charge360™.

We formulated it precisely for the guy who's getting older, whose T is dropping, getting trapped, along with his manhood.

It's not about looking like a 25-year-old body builder. It's not about being able to pull all-nighters like when you were first starting out.

It's about being the man you're supposed to be today—a more experienced, better version of your younger self.

And these three boosters will help re-charge your body inside and out. Starting with…

Charge #1: For Your Energy

Energy is the root of it all: It’s how you get the willpower to exercise. It’s how you’re able to last in the bedroom. It helps you think straight.

Maybe you rely on caffeine and candy bars to keep you going. But those come with the inevitable crash.

Maybe you have a couple drinks to relax after a long day. But that can put you in a fog.

That’s why you need one of the only herbs which offers both ends of the spectrum: more energy and less stress.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. By definition, it gives your body what it needs, when it needs it, without going too far in either direction.

That includes more muscle strength, bigger arm, chest, and thigh muscles, less body fat, and an easier recovery time after exercise.

It includes significant improvement in both immediate and general memory, coordination, attention, and information processing.

And it includes—according to one study—a 44% reduction in perceived stress. Maybe due to the 28% drop in cortisol, the stress hormone.

Researchers think it works by protecting and stimulating ATP—your cells’ batteries. And it helps maintain energy levels during times of stress—to avoid that “emotional exhaustion” we’ve all felt.

You’ve probably heard of ashwagandha before. But you’ve probably never heard of the kind called KSM-66.

It’s the second ingredient in Charge360™.

Industry experts know KSM-66 as a Best Botanical Ingredient, Innovative Ingredient of the Year, and Herbal Industry Leader award winner.

They know it as the most extensively studied kind of ashwagandha in the world—a leader in clinical trials and research studies published in mainstream medical journals.

Studies that have proven its energy benefits, like better oxygen consumption.

Maximum oxygen consumption is considered one of the most valid measures of endurance. One study of 49 adults measured it while taking KSM-66. Sure enough, oxygen consumption significantly increased during the study.

That leads to less fatigue and exhaustion and improved stamina (on the tennis court or in the bedroom, by the way). The participants also noted stronger muscles, exercise tolerance, and better sleep, physical health, and social relationships.

And when we say it’s extensively studied… Preliminary results in human in vitro cells show its anti-aging potential too.

And it can increase testosterone. See how KSM-66 works alongside LJ100?

KSM-66 took 14 years of research and development to refine.

The company that makes it is the only ashwagandha manufacturer in the world to own the entire production chain: the farms, production and testing facilities, the research center, and distribution. So they can make sure each batch is consistent in quality. In fact, it has the highest number of quality certifications.

This is why we chose 600 mg of this ashwagandha, KSM-66, to put into Charge360™.

600 mg because that’s the amount used in most of the research studies just referred to. You see, when we formulate a product, we get as close as we can—usually exact—to the amounts used in studies because that’s the amount we know works.

Some companies boast an ingredient and then when you look on the label you realize there’s only a speck—drowned out by cheap fillers.

Charge360™ has no additives, no fillers. Just LJ100, KSM-66, and two others. Including…

Charge #2: For Your Mood

When did you turn into a grumpy old man?

One day you were the life of the party and the next you’re snapping at your wife for no reason.

Like the other ingredients in Charge360™, rhodiola helps with energy, exercise stamina, and recovery.

But what it really targets is stress.

How little annoyances throughout the day affect you and how you react to them.

And…how you feel about yourself. Even if you don’t admit it.

Because you can’t do all the things you used to.

Because you don’t look the way you used to.

Because you don’t perform the way you used to.

Feeling like you’ve lost a part of yourself is hard. So while LJ100 helps you get back to normal in a more physical way, rhodiola helps you get your head back in the game.

In one study, the researchers said, “taking rhodiola will result in feeling less stress, allowing one to move through difficult times with more ease.”

The best part about a better mood is that it’s something others pick up on immediately. Especially kids and grandkids, when you’re no longer the grumpy old grandpa everyone walks on eggshells around.

And your wife, who knows you best will wonder what other surprises you have in store.

Boy, is she in for a doozy…

Charge #3: The One You’ve Been Waiting For…Sex

Testosterone regulates nearly every aspect of sex.

Sexual desire…how long it takes you to get an erection…all the way through to the finish.

And that’s the first part of Charge360™. LJ100 boosts your testosterone, and in turn, your sex life.

But as great as LJ100 is for sex, there’s a way to make it stronger. Add an antioxidant.

Thirty men between 40 and 65 who were in a relationship, agreed to take LJ100 plus an antioxidant, and have sex with their partners at least once a week.

Those partners must have been thrilled their men signed up for this experiment…because three months later, the sex was lasting TWICE AS LONG!

In technical terms, it “significantly improved sexual performance across several clinically important parameters.” And they confirmed there were no negative side effects.

So we added an antioxidant to Charge360™ that we thought would work even better than this—one that has its own successful research on sexual performance.

This antioxidant has even been studied with LJ100, with results like weight loss and more energy.

It’s called Bergamonte.

Bergamonte is a branded extract of the bergamot orange—a citrus that grows almost exclusively in Southern Italy.

And it enhances your nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is how you get an erection.

It’s released from the walls of your blood vessels and relaxes them so blood can flow freely to your penis. It gets you started and keeps working so you can sustain an erection. (And it helps keep your heart healthy while you…exert yourself.)

In 1998, the Nobel Prize was given to three American scientists who discovered how important nitric oxide is.

That makes it a Nobel Prize-winning sex secret!

Bergamonte is the final part of the formula that gives you everything you need for everything it means to be a man.

If you’re going to invest your time and money in something to change your life, you want it to be a complete solution. Sex. Stamina. Energy. Muscle. Lean and strong. Sharp and stress-free.

Charge360™ is all you need to get back to feeling like you’re supposed to: from the time you jump out of bed…through the afternoon slump…to when you lay down to sleep (or have sex) at night.

Don’t put off changing your life.

Because changing your life will also change the lives around you.

Being more active—in bed and out—with your wife.

Being more present for your kids and grandkids. The fun grandpa they’ll look back on fondly instead of the quiet, slow one they were forced to visit.

You won’t have to check your testosterone levels, make adjustments, try different things…

Instead you’ll be making testosterone naturally. And you only need to measure your success by the way you look and feel!

When you start taking Charge360™, pay attention to how you change. How little time it takes before you:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel calmer and happier
  • Remember things better
  • Concentrate easier
  • Look leaner and stronger
  • And have more, longer, more intense sex.

You’d probably pay a lot to get all that and more. And that’s what others are counting on, too... A desperate man with deep pockets who’ll pay for different programs and treatments to smooth out the side effects.

You don’t need any of it.

Simply a few capsules a day of Charge360™, from the comfort of your own home—or wherever your newfound energy takes you.

Charge360™ uses research-level dosages of the highest quality, patented, non-GMO, non-soy, vegetarian ingredients sourced from around the world and packaged in a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility right here in the USA.      

Don’t wait one more day to start feeling like you deserve. So claim your supply now.

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“I love the way it has boosted my sex drive. It’s given me more energy and a greater libido. Try it, it’s natural  ––Don Plummer in Reston, MD
“I feel younger! Energy was the most dramatic improvement, along with getting my libido back.”  –– Joseph Fischer in Hoboken, NJ
“I’ve had such a positive experience with Charge360™, I’d tell anyone it’s worth trying. Better energy and vitality is what I love most.”  –-Theodore Slater in Fisk, MO

Customers were given a free bottle in exchange for their feedback.*

Charge360 Ingredients

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. Always consult with your physician before making any changes in diet or taking dietary supplements.


Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F). Do not use if seal is broken.

Warning: Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking blood thinning medications or if you have high blood pressure. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery.

If you are being treated or have been treated for cancer, please talk to your doctor before taking this product.

Color of this product may vary due to color variations of the natural ingredients.

Do not use if the seal is broken.

May contain milk from extraction process.

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