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Quick Overview

Lift Your Brain Fog and Banish “Senior Moments” With the Most Powerful Memory Supplement on the Market

The four ingredients in our memory-supporting supplement are so powerful, it’s like taking a leaf blower to a dusty bookshelf. Cleaning off the cobwebs to make sure your memory stays sharp. With concentrated support to help:

  • Support the brain cells that hold your memories and skills.
  • Improve mood, better sleep, and a better response to stress.
  • Stay positive and confident in social interactions.

Neurall® can help keep your mind and memory quick and agile for a lifetime. No other product can offer the total, effective, fast support that Neurall® can.

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Harvard Doctor Declares This Memory Saver:


It sounds impossible. Like something out of science-fiction.

A handful of scientists were in a lab, when something remarkable happened.

They had a petri dish, full of brain cells. And they had an organic compound—a unique type of protein.

They wanted to see what effect the protein had on the brain cells. But they never could have predicted the outcome.

They sprinkled some of it onto the brain cells…

And like Jack and the Beanstalk, the brain cells started sprouting new branches! Literally making new brain cells. Specifically, the ones that are needed for learning.

Dr. John Ratey, a psychiatrist from Harvard, described this in his book Spark, explaining that it’s what led him to call the protein, “Miracle-Gro for your brain, fertilizing brain cells to keep them functioning and growing, as well as spurring the growth of new neurons.”

The “fertilizer” is called BDNF—brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Good news is, everyone has it in their brains.

BDNF attaches to the pathways between brain cells, shocking them with energy and boosting their signal strength.

Basically, BDNF improves the function of your brain cells and protects them from dying off. It might be the most important element in keeping a brain young and healthy.

As Dr. Ratey explains, it’s a “crucial biological link between thoughts, emotions, and movement.” The more you have, the better your brain works.

You see, your brain shrinks as it ages. Its weight declines about 5% per decade after age 40. And after you hit 70 it might go even faster than that.

That shrinking is often reported to be from losing brain cells and the networks that connect them. And that’s what causes some of the memory problems that a lot of older adults experience.

Until recently, experts told us that once those brain cells die, that’s it. You have less to work with and when those go…you get the idea.

So you can imagine how shocked those scientists must have been when they saw the brain cells spreading and growing like weeds.

Grow new brain cells? Really?

It’s true. All those years ago when our parents said we were killing our brain cells and we only had a fixed amount left…they were wrong.

We now know it’s possible to grow new ones. Like Dr. Ratey says, “We know we need to have our brain cells grow to log in new information.”

And it looks like one of the best ways to do that is with BDNF. Activating the “brain fertilizer” to help grow the pathways that transmit new thoughts, learning, and memories.

But everyone has different amounts of BDNF left in their brains. Your plasma levels go down as you age. Animal studies show that stress and genetics decrease it too. A study in Translational Psychiatry linked age-related decreases in BDNF with cognitive decline and trouble performing tasks.

But numerous animal and in vitro studies—from such medical journals as Neuroscience Research, Brain Research Bulletin, and Biomolecules and Therapeutics—suggest that a compound called oroxylin A may help stimulate and even increase BDNF.

And oroxylin A is found in a patented plant extract we at New Summit Nutritionals recently got our hands on. It’s called Sabroxy®.

Sabroxy® hasn’t been on the market long. So you probably haven’t heard of it. A couple years from now though, I bet you’ll see it as headline news. It’ll be front and center at every health food store.

For now, only a small amount of in-the-know people are paying attention to the research on it. Promising animal studies that show how Sabroxy®’s active component oroxylin A may help:

  • Dopamine—the “feel good” chemical—work better to improve concentration and focus.
  • Protect brain cells from oxidative damage in a number of different ways—one because it’s a powerful antioxidant.
  • Significantly reduce mild memory impairment.
  • Improve memory retention—that’s how well a new memory is saved.
  • Facilitate memory consolidation—that’s moving memories from short term ones to long term.
  • And stimulate the new growth of brain cells in the hippocampus—where emotions, memory, and the nervous system are controlled.

I’ll tell you this: When we first heard about Sabroxy® in our office, we ordered some to see what it was like. We tried it. And we felt it. We were clear-headed and ultra-focused. And boy did we get a lot of work done that day!

That’s the day we knew that Sabroxy® had to be the cornerstone of our newest product:

Neurall®: The Only Memory Supplement
You’ll Ever Need


Geoffrey Russell in Dodge City, KS tried it and said: “In just days I was thinking more clearly. I’m focused and quick on my feet.”

Neurall® has four ingredients. Sabroxy®, plus three others I’ll tell you about next. We gave some to our review panel, who try our new supplements for free, in exchange for feedback. So we can make sure we really get a formula right before sharing it with the general public.

And the letters we got back prove that this may be the most powerful and fastest-acting formula we’ve ever created…

“Neurall® helps increase my concentration so I can stay focused at work.” – Jim Corchado in Maplesville, AL

“I saw an improvement in my focus, memory, mood…the best is how much better I can recall information.” – Otis Bunch in Dalton, GA

“I felt sharper in a week. I’m better at multi-tasking, I’m quicker on my feet… Neurall® can really help restore an old brain.” – William Roberts in Daytona Beach, FL

You know how it is.

You’re alone, in the car, on your way home. Or getting ready for bed.

And THEN the quick comeback hits you. The idea you should have shared. The answer you knew—but couldn’t remember—while everyone looked at you like you’ve lost it.

No, you still got it, somewhere in there. It’s just shrouded in fog sometimes.

Like remembering your wife’s favorite flowers. Or where you put last year’s tax returns. Or to take back that pair of pants before it’s too late.

You may think of it as “senior brain.” It’s frustrating, for sure. But it’s also embarrassing. And worrisome.

No one wants to go through life anxious about what they’re going to forget next.

Luckily, we know now that the brain is just like any part of our body that can get weaker as we get older. If we give it the proper nutrients, we can help keep it strong and healthy.

That’s where Neurall® comes in.

That’s why, instead of throwing in a smidgen here and a pinch there of whatever “miracle ingredient” is the star of the health blogs this week… We only use research-backed nutrients that we’d take ourselves, or recommend to friends and family.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Because what’s more important than your brain? Even if the rest of your body is in tip top shape…what good is that if you don’t keep a healthy mind to go with it?

Neurall®’s ingredients wash over your brain, getting into the nooks and crannies, evaporating the fog of “senior brain”—so you can quickly call up what you need and make space for new memories. And so you can stay:

Quick, Confident, and In Control

Some of Neurall®’s patented ingredients, like Sabroxy®, are new to the market. Same with this next one. But that doesn’t mean the nutrients themselves are new.

In fact, a big reason most natural nutrients are studied to begin with is because they’ve been used as medicines for centuries, in cultures throughout the world.

Like this herb from India with a long history of boosting memory. Scientists have been testing it on human volunteers and so far, the results are impressive.

One group of men were all over age 55. The time when “senior brain” can start creeping in.

These volunteers complained that they were forgetting parts of activities they did every day. They had trouble remembering names after being introduced to someone. They misplaced objects, and had a hard time remembering phone numbers.

They took some simple memory tests before and after they tried the herb. And over half of the people that took it achieved what the scientists called “considerable improvement in memory.” 

  • They could recall stories more easily.
  • The part of their brain that deals with ideas and concepts worked better.
  • And their mental control was stronger.

Mental control—an example of that is being able to suppress a bad thought so you don’t dwell on the negative. Or being able to keep your cool in an emotional situation.

The herb is called bacopa monnieri.

And if you struggle to keep up with conversations, have a tough time following a movie and discussing it after, or can’t make fast decisions under pressure, you should try it.

Another small group that did said they felt it working in as little as two hours.

Like I said, there’s been a lot of human study on it. With results like…

  • Less forgetfulness and the ability to process and retain new information. Like directions to someone’s home. Or picking up where you left off in a book without having to re-read the last chapter.
  • Staying calm even when something feels too demanding. Like when you’re in charge of planning your spouse’s birthday party and want everything to be perfect.
  • Better “working memory.” That’s how your brain reasons and makes decisions. So people can come to you for advice confident in your insight (like they used to).
  • Help for converting short term memories into long term ones. So your grandson’s first Christmas, your golden anniversary—all those special moments—they stay firmly planted. So you can look back fondly and share memories whenever you wish.
  • And performing better at complex tasks. Like hosting Thanksgiving—remembering recipes, and timing everything perfectly.

Here at New Summit Nutritionals, when we find a nutrient, or combination of nutrients that have enough scientific backing, we bring it directly to those who need it. We want to match the dosages used in research studies when we formulate our products—because that’s what we know works.

In this case, we were able to get our hands on a patented form of bacopa monnieri, called Synapsa.

It’s the one that we found had the most legitimate studies on humans with memory concerns. Studies that looked at Synapsa’s effects—from the first few hours to the first few months. Studies that had results like I just told you about.

Most of those studies used dosages of 320 milligrams or less. So 320 milligrams is how much Synapsa we put into Neurall®.

But here’s the thing. We’re not the only ones looking at successful research studies on powerful memory herbs. They’ve caught the attention of some other groups too. And not in a good way…

Drug Companies are Circling Like Vultures

We first wrote about this next herb five years ago. How a researcher said of it, “It is as if this natural substance were ingeniously designed to fit into the exact spot in [the brain] where it will do the most good.”

And ever since, it’s been on my list to offer to our customers when we could source the strongest, safest, and most cost effective form. Which we’ve finally done with Neurall®.

You see, this herbal extract first became popular in China. It’s estimated that at least 100,000 people there have been treated with it for mild cognitive impairment.

That’s when a person has occasional issues with memory, language, and other mental functions that are noticeable to other people, but not enough to interfere with everyday life. It’s a fancier term for “senior brain.”

One study on this extract versus another memory supplement showed spectacular results. 131 middle aged and older people took 300 mcg of the extract. And they showed an 83% improvement rate in their mild cognitive impairment symptoms.

The thing is though, these results, and others—there are over 100 different studies on it—caught the attention of drug companies.

Now they’re quietly conducting their own studies, their own trials, in hopes that they can re-create it, patent it, mark up the price a few thousand percent, and sell it to you themselves.

It’s called Huperzine A. There’s 100 mcg in Neurall®—and it works like this:

When your brain is working normally, chemicals called neurotransmitters pass information around. When a piece of info gets to where it’s going, another chemical stops the transmission.

Simple enough. Like calling someone, having a conversation, then hanging up the telephone when you’re done talking.

But you know when you have a weak signal and your phone drops your call? You could be talking and talking and the person on the other end can’t hear you.

Something similar can happen in your brain, causing your “calls to drop.” Like when that name is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t for the life of you remember what it is.

Huperzine helps balance out the starts and stops of your neurotransmitters. Like calling out to a memory and hearing it answer. Or thinking of the right words to say and articulating them clearly.

So why haven’t you heard of Huperzine before?

Well think about it. If a drug company can sell you their own expensive version (with who knows what additives), wouldn’t they do everything they can to make sure you don’t know you can get it without their “help”?

But you’ll get as much as you need in Neurall®. And when mixed with the other three ingredients, all working together in different ways to help boost your brainpower and protect your precious memories…

Well, you could feel quicker, more confident, and more focused than you did in your 20’s when you thought you knew it all and weren’t afraid to show it.

Instead of feeling like the old burden on your family, you could be the wise sage that everyone comes to for advice, to share your experience, or your stories from the old days.

Speaking of, there’s one more part of “senior brain” that we haven’t talked about yet.

The last ingredient in Neurall® is the one that I’m guessing made one user say:

“No stress = more focus. I am a much happier person in everything I do.”

It’s a part of getting older that no one really talks about. But it affects almost everyone at some point. And it’s no way to go through life. Feeling so mentally and physically drained that you decline invitations, you avoid phone calls, you just don’t want to do anything with anyone.

Eleuthero is the fourth ingredient in Neurall®. And it doesn’t only work behind the scenes to help protect your brain. Some people who take it report that they can feel it working.

In fact, there was one study where half of a group took eleuthero and half took a placebo. It was double blind so no one knew which they got. Yet a full 70% of the eleuthero group guessed that they got it because they felt better!


One of the main things they felt better about was socializing with others.

Eleuthero is a well-studied adaptogen. You may have heard of adaptogens before. It’s any natural substance that helps the body cope with mental and physical stress.

A review looked at 35 different clinical trials performed in normal conditions to super stressful ones like high temperatures, loud noise, even the deep sea. It showed that eleuthero helped improve the ability to work under those conditions—both physically and mentally.

If it can help construction workers and deep sea divers get through their stressful days, think how it could help you in yours.

Excess stress can lead to memory impairment, poor moods, fatigue—not to mention physical ailments. In fact, it’s been estimated that 75%–90% of all doctor’s visits are brought on by stress.

Adaptogens like eleuthero work directly on our body’s central stress-response system. It can help normalize our stress hormones. So maybe you won’t snap at your loved ones when you’re tired and stressed. Maybe you won’t give up on a hobby because it got a little harder.

One more thing about normalizing stress hormones: It may help you sleep better.


These are the hormones that can make it hard to get restful sleep. So regulating them could go a long way in helping you get much needed shut-eye.

And when you wake up refreshed and take your daily dose of Neurall®, you’ll be ready and willing to take on each day.

Check out the full letter one Neurall® user on our review panel sent in. So you can really get a feel for how it can work for you every single day. This is from Helen Wilcox in Delaware:

“I discovered that Neurall® made me feel more positive, more capable, and confident in tackling everyday tasks. I noticed in just four days how much more optimistic I felt. No stress equals more focus, and so I can multi-task better now. My energy seems to have returned.

“I seem to be able to tolerate annoyances better. Cancellations of appointments don’t upset me so much. I can shrug off unreliable people. And I’m in the middle of moving, yet I can remember where I’ve put things—and that’s amazing.

“I would strongly recommend Neurall® to all my friends. They’re all around my age (over 70) and we all suffer in varying degrees from memory slowness, fatigue, feeling low at times, and anti-social. Neurall® has helped me, over the past four weeks, to overcome those negative symptoms and to get through the day stress-free.”

Maybe you’ve found that you can’t do everything you used to. Maybe you were an avid hiker or played 18 holes every Sunday, or something else that you’ve had to give up.

But you should not have to give up your mind! That’s the one muscle you can continue to strengthen and use: for card games, cooking, reading, conversation…even the boring stuff like paying bills and grocery shopping.

You now know how Neurall®’s four nutrients can get to work fast to help you with all those things. And when you take it as directed (just two capsules in the morning) it can work for you every day. Our review panel confirmed it:

Samara Washington in El Paso, Texas said, “It’s easy to take and in just five days I felt more alert and focused. Try it, you will like it!”

Frank Neilsen in El Monte, California, told us, “I could tell during the first week that I was more energetic. I'm all for fighting age-related memory decline!”

Carol Rice in Horseshoe Bend, AR said, “I like that it is supporting my memory functions before any age-related issues occur.”

And from Alex Long in St. Petersburg Florida, “It’s funny, because I put it in my daily vitamin pack and forgot I was taking it. After about three weeks, I noticed the difference. A clearer mind was the first thing.”

Neurall® is a powerful combination of four non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian ingredients sourced from around the world, packed into a capsule made in a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility right here in the USA. We cut no corners in making the best memory protecting supplement there is.

And it’s only available from us at New Summit Nutritionals. We cut out the middle man to bring it directly to you. That’s how we’re able to keep the cost to you down. And it’s how we’re able to give you our:

100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that Neurall® is the only brain-boosting supplement you’ll ever need, that we offer a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee on the product price.

That means if you ever decide Neurall® isn’t living up to its promise, all you have to do is call our Maryland-based Customer Care line. You’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked. (Though we always appreciate your feedback.)

With that unique guarantee, you can take as long as you want to feel the way Neurall® works for you. That’s why it’s important that you…

Stock up NOW!

"I am remembering things quicker than I did before. Multi-tasking is a little easier and my short term memory may be getting better, too."  –Jim Menza in Key West, FL
"I am thinking more clearly, more focused, and very quick on my feet. And I love that Neurall is helping me to fight age-related cognitive decline."  –Geoffrey Russell in Dodge City, KS
"In just five days I was feeling more alert throughout the day and focused. Try it, you will like it!"  –Samara Washington in El Paso, TX
"What I noticed most was how much quicker I remember things. I also feel improvement in focus, mood, multi-tasking, and processing new information."  –Otis Bruch in Dalton, GA
"I like that it is supporting my memory functions before any age-related issues occur."  –Carol Rael in Horseshoe Bend, AR

Customers were given a free bottle in exchange for their feedback.*

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. Always consult with your physician before making any changes in diet or taking dietary supplements.


Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F). Do not use if seal is broken.

Warning: Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking blood thinning medications or if you have high blood pressure. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery.

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