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Peak Biome

Quick Overview

This is no ordinary probiotic supplement.

In addition to EIGHT different strains of probiotics—with benefits ranging from keeping natural gut yeast in check to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels—Peak Biome contains all-important prebiotics to feed them. Most formulas don’t go this extra step. So you’re just throwing your money away.

Preliminary research shows that the ingredients in our new formula help:

  • Support digestive health
  • Maintain healthy levels of gut yeast
  • Fortify your body’s natural defenses when taken daily
  • Improve regularity
  • And may be an effective tool in maintaining a healthy weight

The result… Less bloating and discomfort. Better immune support. More energy. Clearer skin. Who knew your daily probiotic could deliver so much? With Peak Biome, now it can.

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Irregularity, gas, bloating, cramps, constipation (or a combo!) at the WORST possible times?

There’s a reason your probiotic supplement does nothing to help. Most are USELESS! (Discover the two things yours must have—that most don’t.)


You know that feeling…

You’re enjoying dinner with friends. Feeling completely fine, lingering over coffee and dessert.

Until suddenly… BAM! It hits you.

Your stomach is gurgling, you’re shifting in your seat…you need to find the bathroom. And you need to find it fast.

And maybe you know all-too-well the opposite feeling. When you’re so horribly constipated that you’d gladly trade it for that emergency gotta-go-now feeling.

As you’re about to see, whether your problem is occasional diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, or constipation…it’s all related. And it’s not “just the way you are.”

It’s because your gut bacteria…10 to 50 trillion bacteria or more…as much as 2.2 pounds of bacteria…is out of balance.

Perhaps you’ve tried to combat yours with a probiotic. And that’s exactly what you should do.

Problem is…

Most probiotics on the market today are worthless. If you’re taking one of those…it’s like flushing money down the toilet (instead of what you should be flushing down the toilet!).

It’s probably because they’re missing the two things every quality probiotic must have. If yours doesn’t have these things, you are wasting your time and money. Both of which I know are precious to you.

Before you close out of this window today you’re going to know exactly what those two keys are. And how getting them in the RIGHT probiotic could help you…

  • Improve regularity—and help prevent occasional constipation, gas, cramps, and bloating…
  • Maintain a healthy gut—which, as you’re about to see, plays a role in your entire body’s health…
  • Support a proper balance of gut yeast...
  • Patch-up your leaky gut…

And even more—more than you ever would have thought. Wait until you see how the right probiotic (but not all) can help your heart and brain, absorb nutrients from foods and supplements…and play a major role in keeping a strong immune system so you can stay healthy all year round.

Most people don’t know that when your gut isn’t in tip top shape, it can affect every part of your body. Not just your digestion. Your mood, your heart, your immune system, even your brain. Your gut is the epicenter of good health.

That’s why taking a daily probiotic supplement is one of the best things you can do.

But that’s only if it has two particular characteristics. Otherwise it’s just a waste. You’re going to see what they are in this presentation First though, it’ll help to understand how your gut works. What “gut health” really means…

Your GUT: 101

When someone refers to your “gut,” you probably think of your stomach. Or the stubborn roll that pops up over the waistband of your jeans (keep reading to learn how to help get rid of that!).

But really, your gut is a long, winding tube that starts at your mouth. It includes your stomach, yes…your small intestine, your large intestine, your colon, and rectum.

Your gut—also known as your GI tract—processes food and removes waste and toxins.

And it’s full of trillions and trillions of bacteria! Think about that for a second. Your entire body, head to toe, inside and out, is made up of microscopic cells. Yet in your gut, there are more bacteria than there are cells in your body.

It sounds gross at first, because we usually think of bacteria as bad. Like bacteria that make you sick. And there are bad bacteria, of course. But: There are many good kinds of bacteria as well.

And the good bacteria… They’re called probiotics.

That’s right. When you take a probiotic supplement, you’re swallowing these good bacteria. Kind of weird, right? But it’s a really, really good thing. Here’s why.

Your Gut is a Greenhouse

Your gut is like a greenhouse.

And you, the gardener, have to make sure each plant is each getting the right water, soil, sunlight, and nutrients.

But you wouldn’t give an orchid the same care as a cactus, would you? A sunflower and a succulent have drastically different needs. But they each add something unique and special to your greenhouse.

These different plants are like the good bacteria in your gut.

But weeds and pests…they’re also in the greenhouse. There’s no way to keep them out entirely. The weeds, they fight for space. They and the bugs attack your plants and kill some—kill many. That’s the bad bacteria. The kind that can lead to problems.

Eventually, there can be more bad than good. And your greenhouse becomes dark, dry, overgrown, and full of pests.

If you occasionally feel gassy, bloated, constipated, crampy…if your bathroom visits come on suddenly or aren’t regular…

And, surprisingly, as you’re about to see…if your blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar aren’t where you want it…if you struggle to lose weight…if you get flustered or moody easily…

It all could be because you need more good bacteria in your gut.

And that’s why you need to take a probiotic.

First Key to the Right Probiotic

In order to take back control of your greenhouse, you have to plant more of the good stuff. To push out the bad and replenish what was lost.

So you wouldn’t reintroduce just one type of plant, right?

Yet this is what so many probiotics on the market do.

Remember, all the good bacteria in your gut are probiotics. And there are many kinds. They’re called strains. And solid science shows that they each do different good things for your body.

As a leading medical journal recently put it, “the positive effects of probiotics are strain-specific and the idea of a ‘universal strain,’ that would provide at once all the benefits associated with probiotics, is unrealistic.”

This is the first secret to a beneficial probiotic. One that has multiple strains. A “blend” or “complex” that shows they took the time to put together a quality product.

Yet, pick up a bottle of probiotics at the store and you’ll probably see one, maybe two strains. Or worse, the old “proprietary blend.” Where it’s the manufacturer’s secret.

If you’re putting something into your body, you want to know exactly what it is.

So, as often happens here when we can’t find a product we’d take ourselves, or recommend to a loved one, or our customers… We made our own.

Peak Biome is New Summit Nutritionals’ own probiotic supplement. (But, as you’ll see, it’s even more than that.)

We Didn’t Skimp on the Strains

Peak Biome has eight different strains of probiotics—good bacteria—to repopulate your gut and help you achieve the healthy balance of bacteria you need to be your healthiest self.

When you get these eight special strains, you get support for head-to-toe health.

Starting, of course, with digestion. This is the first and foremost reason people seek out a probiotic. With the right strains of probiotics, you could finally feel some relief from the cramps, bloating, gas, constipation, abdominal pain, abnormal bowel movements, and irregularity that happen to you sometimes—at the worst possible times. 

A lot of people don’t understand it, because you can’t tell from looking at someone how much discomfort they are in. But if you’ve ever experienced any of it, you know how disrupting this can be.

But you should also know that multiple scientific studies have shown that probiotics can help prevent and relieve these uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms.

In fact, so many studies have been done that some researchers gathered 47 years’ worth to look at. They saw that the type of probiotic called Lactobacillus worked significantly well. Peak Biome has three different strains of Lactobacillus—Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus casei.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology followed 50 people with those same symptoms—especially inconsistent stools. Half got a placebo, and the other half got a mixture of seven strains of probiotics—six of which are also in Peak Biome.

After two months, relief from the symptoms was consistently and considerably higher in the probiotic group. In fact, 300% more participants felt relief than in the placebo group. They reported that their quality of life was better. Which you can imagine would happen when you aren’t a slave to your stomach…or the bathroom!

Scientists also looked at how the number and type of good bacteria in your gut are linked to occasional constipation, irregularity, cramps, bloating, etc.

And they found that the people who experience them the most have a lower number of two good types of probiotics. Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. That’s another reason that there are three different strains of lactobacillus and four different strains of bifidobacterium in Peak Biome. So you can start feeling normal, comfortable, and free.

Some people who tried Peak Biome in exchange for their thoughts on it reported success (we’ll only use their initials here, to protect their privacy). They said:

“I noticed results pretty quickly. Like more consistency in my stools, and less wiping afterwards.” – R.H.

“What I noticed first was less gas. Then a difference in bloating and regularity.” – A.M.

“I noticed more regularity in my bowel movements. And it only took a week.” – J.F.  

Another thing, all that bacteria in your gut…and the food that passes through…and the toxins that are supposed to eventually leave you… It’s really important that it all stays in your gut as it’s processed.

Sometimes, when bad bacteria grow too much it can compromise the strength of your gut lining. It’s like a bad weed growing so big and strong that it pushes outside through little cracks in your greenhouse. Food particles, bacteria, and toxins, they can escape out of your gut and into your bloodstream.

And it can lead to a whole lot of problems. Like being tired and run down all the time, headaches, gas, bloating, brain fog, and weight gain.

But probiotics can help make your gut lining stronger.

And you may lose weight too.

Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Aren’t Working

That’s because scientists also figured out that the less bifidobacteria you have, the more fat you could have.

That’s right. Those extra pounds you’ve been lugging around—maybe for decades—it’s not your fault!

In fact, Martin Blaser, chair of the Department of Medicine and professor of microbiology at NYU School of Medicine told The New Yorker, “Bad eating habits are not sufficient enough to explain the worldwide explosion in obesity . . . With each generation there is a heavier impact on the early-life microbiome. And it means we are less and less able to metabolize the food we eat.”

So: Your gut has been working against you from a young age…making it almost impossible to lose weight! Is it all starting to make sense now? The diets, the exercise, the supplements…the many, many things you’ve tried that just haven’t worked? Finally, we know why. It’s kind of a relief, right?

Of course that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. An unhealthy diet that leads to weight gain—the so-called Western Diet that’s full of trans fats and simple sugars and lacking in fiber and nutrients… That all upsets your gut balance. Those bad foods feed the weeds and pests in your greenhouse.

But you’re in luck!

A leading health journal confirms that taking probiotics may help reduce excessive hunger and eating…control weight gain…and lower fat mass—all without cutting calories!

And it reiterates what I’ve been saying—the first key to a quality probiotic—that a supplement with multiple strains, like Peak Biome, is “a more effective strategy” for weight loss than one with just a single strain.

Studies show that lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis lowered body weight and BMI. That bifidobacterium breve lowered fat mass. All of these and more are in Peak Biome. It’s why we were happy to get a note from a user just recently, saying, “Peak Biome is helping me lose weight.”

Comfortable digestion, losing weight…these are the two main things you think of when you think of a probiotic.

But it goes so far beyond that.

Good Digestion is Just the Beginning

Remember, good health begins in your gut. We can all agree that one of the—if not the—biggest players in overall health is your heart.

Not only will losing weight put less strain on your heart… Probiotics are showing a direct effect on cardiovascular health, too.

More and more evidence shows probiotics can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Especially the proper ratio between LDL and HDL. And they can help you keep your blood pressure, inflammation, and blood sugar in a healthy range.

This chart shows which specific strains help keep your ticker running smoothly:

Healthy Cholesterol

Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus casei

Healthy Blood Pressure

Lactobacillus casei, Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus acidophilus

Healthy Blood Sugar

Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum

Peak Biome has them all, and more.

This is why you must have multiple strains like Peak Biome has. Each has very specific functions, which create very specific benefits in your body. One or two strains just won’t cut it. For your digestion, your weight, your heart, or—and this one might be a shocker—your brain.

Feed Your Second Brain

The gut plays such a big role in your brain health that I could have devoted this entire presentation to just that! In fact, scientists call the gut the “second brain.” That’s how close they are.

Think about it. Ever get a stomach ache before you have an important meeting, or have to give a speech, or anything nerve-wracking? Or ever have trouble concentrating when your stomach is gurgling like there’s an alien inside?

That’s because there are more nerves in your gut than there are even in your spinal column. They transmit messages to and from the brain.

When you feel stressed, anxious, or angry, your brain tells your adrenal system to release stress chemicals. Those disrupt your digestion, can cause gas, bloating, heartburn…

On the other hand, your gut produces neurotransmitters. Those are the brain chemicals you need to feel calm, balanced, optimistic, energized, and focused. But when your gut isn’t functioning properly—if your once beautiful greenhouse is dark and dry and overrun with weeds—it can’t make enough of those feel-good chemicals.

That’s why you may sometimes feel confused, forgetful, unmotivated, even sad and anxious, and you don’t know why…

And those are all feelings you can flip upside-down with a quality probiotic.

“The idea that probiotic bacteria administered to the intestine could influence the brain seemed almost unbelievable.” That’s what the authors of a study in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology said—at first.

Then they saw what happened to mice whose memories were not up to par. But when they got probiotics…those memory problems didn’t happen.

The researchers were amazed. They followed up with, “Rather than remedies for memory problems such as omega-3, which addresses brain health, a regular diet that includes probiotics may prove to be more effective.”

Isn’t it fascinating how the body is so interconnected?

You may never have thought that you were feeling down in the dumps because of your gut!

Neither probably did the 124 people—average age 61—whom the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported took probiotics during a three-week study.

The probiotics were able to improve the mood of the people whose mood started out poor.

A happy mood is one of the most important health “musts.” Without a good attitude, nothing much else matters!

Especially if you want to keep your immune system strong. Sometimes there’s nothing more discouraging than having to tell people, “Sorry. I can’t make it. I’m not feeling well!” It can get downright depressing.

Well you’ve probably noticed a theme by now… Your immune system—70% to 80% of it—is in your gut! It’s supposed to help protect you from unhealthy bacteria and toxins that might lurk in your food.

Nasty bacteria survive in your gut by banding together beneath a slimy film called biofilm. Run your tongue over your teeth for a sec—feel that slime? That’s biofilm. Remember I told you that your GI tract starts in your mouth. The more biofilm you have in your mouth, the more susceptible you may be to growing unhealthy bacteria.

The biofilm that grows around unhealthy bacteria also prevents your body from absorbing nutrients from your food and other supplements you take. So even if you’re eating well and trying to stay healthy with supplements…it won’t do you any good if the nutrients can’t get through your intestine to where they need to go!

That gives bad bacteria even more opportunity to thrive—and could cause you to get tired, achy, rundown, moody, gassy, bloated, and more.

A specific strain of probiotic has been shown to help. Lactobacillus acidophilus has shown the ability to stop the growth of biofilm. Of course, Peak Biome contains acidophilus.

You’ve seen now how different strains of probiotics help with different things. So it’s a must that yours has multiple. Peak Biome has eight. But the probiotics in Peak Biome—or any other probiotic for that matter—will never work unless they have this other key ingredient…

The Second Key to the Right Probiotic

It ensures your new seeds of healthy bacteria actually GET to your greenhouse, get planted, and get growing. Yet so many brands are missing this step!

The World Health Organization says that in order to provide health benefits, probiotics must be able to endure human digestion, including gastric juices and bile, and be capable of multiplying once they get to the gut.

It only makes sense. When you eat food, your GI tract breaks it down. Why wouldn’t this same system break down your probiotic supplement too?

It does. So you need enough of a probiotic strain where it doesn’t get eaten up before it can go to work… AND it needs protection in getting there.

That protection is called prebiotics.

You’ve heard of prebiotics before. You probably know you needed them. But you may not have known why.

In technical terms, a prebiotic is a food ingredient that your body can’t digest, that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

If your GI tract doesn’t digest it…and if it’s bundled up with beneficial probiotics…it helps make sure the probiotics reach their destination. And then it helps them grow.

Think of prebiotics as the fertilizer in your greenhouse. Supporting your new plants while killing the weeds and pests.

So many probiotic formulas on the market today don’t go this extra step. And it’s a scam, if you ask me. Because if you don’t have a prebiotic, you’re just throwing your money away. Every pill you pop is a waste.

The type of prebiotic in Peak Biome is called FOS. The journal Frontiers in Microbiology says, “The prebiotic effects of FOS . . . have been thoroughly assessed in human trials and many studies suggest that they [work] by increasing bifidobacterial numbers.”

Remember we’ve already discussed how different strains of bifidobacteria help with healthy digestion, cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight loss.

In fact, another leading journal says, “The use of prebiotics with specific probiotics . . . should also be considered as a means of improving health status. Prebiotics can improve probiotic effects on weight loss and maintenance, when they are co-administered.” That is, taken together, like they are in Peak Biome.

You know the word synergy. That something works better as a whole than each of its individual parts. That’s the case here. The pre- and probiotic combo works better together…than either do alone. Not just supporting your digestive health, but your weight, immune system, heart, brain…things you may have had no idea were connected to your gut!

Right now you might not be able to even imagine what the power of Peak Biome could do for you. The freedom you’ll have when you aren’t worried about constipation, gas, bloating, cramps, or needing to use the bathroom suddenly, at the worst possible times. When you’re able to focus on other things instead of that (one user said, “I saw the most dramatic improvement in my regularity.”). When you can devote your attention to talking to a friend, watching a movie, exercising—even driving a car (do you know the location of every rest stop in the state?)!

You’ve seen the commercials on TV for popular probiotics. But you pick one up at the store…and it’s just one or two strains. And it could be as much as $25 or more—for one or two strains! And often without a must-have prebiotic.

Such a waste. You try to do something good for yourself and when it doesn’t work you get frustrated and discouraged and annoyed at the money you put out…

A probiotic reviewer online say, “The price is insignificant if it gives you a more normal lifestyle.” We’d agree with that. But only when you’re getting something that actually works.

Peak Biome has eight strains of different probiotics to fill your greenhouse with healthy bacteria that’ll help your whole body in ways you may never have thought possible.

Tired of picking the blandest thing on the menu?

Done everything you can to lose weight?

Worry about keeping your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation in the normal range?

Tired of feeling moody, confused, or just not “with it”?

Peak Biome has something for every single one of these things. It is the key to total freedom that you’ve been looking for.

We want you to experience it for yourself.

We’re so confident that Peak Biome will change your life that we want you to try it today with my guarantee that you can get your money back if you don’t like it.

Our 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

New Summit Nutritionals’ 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee on the product price means that you can take however long you need to decide if Peak Biome is living up to its promise. Unlike other companies that only give you a measly 30 days—you can take three months, six months, one year, whatever! If you ever decide Peak Biome isn’t living up to its promise, just call our Customer Care line. You’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked.

With our unique guarantee, you can take as long as you want to feel the way Peak Biome’s power keeps building over time. And it only gets better the longer you take it. The more you replenish and regrow your greenhouse with healthy, beneficial bacteria.

That’s why it’s important that you…

Stock Up NOW!

"Peak Biome is a thoughtfully made product. It’s excellent for improving digestion, maintaining healthy levels of gut yeast, bloating, and regularity. It is working for me."  –Cory Pace in Redmond, WA
"I noticed results pretty quickly. Like more consistency in my stools, and less wiping afterwards. This is one of the better probiotic formulas I have tried."  –Ross Heter in Eugene, OR
"My digestive system is working better. I’ve had less bloating and less problems with constipation."  –George LeCroix in Taylors Falls, MN
"I saw the most dramatic improvement in my regularity. And it only took a week. It’s helping me to lose weight, too. If someone was thinking of starting Peak Biome, I’d tell them ‘try it!'"  –Marla Barron in Pismo Beach, CA
"Peak Biome helps make my stools more consistent and minimizes my stomach discomfort after eating. I felt results right away."  –Deanna Todd in Atlanta, GA

Customers were given a free bottle in exchange for their feedback.*

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.