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Prime Performance

Quick Overview

With Prime Performance, you get everything you need to deliver the performance of a lifetime—no matter how long it’s been.†

Prime Performance is formulated with natural, science-backed nutrients that can help support stamina, energy and performance.† The amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline support healthy blood flow, and the ingredients Maca Root Extract and Panax Ginseng will ensure you're ready to perform at a moment's notice.†

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The reason Prime Performance is able to do what it does for your libido, stamina, and performance is that the four ingredients work better together than if you just took one.† They tackle every step of your sexual performance.†

Maca Root ignites your desire†…

Red Ginseng helps blood flow naturally.†

Arginine makes the NO to relax blood vessels so that blood flows more easily.†

Citrulline boosts arginine, so you have plenty of NO for even better blood flow.†

And you’ll never build up a tolerance to the ingredients in Prime Performance.† You’ll never take it so long that it stops working as well. If anything, the longer you take it, the better it could work.†

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"I like how it keeps me in desire and ready at all times and stronger in action. I like feeling ready for my wife all the time.”  
–Thom Hartwig in Reserve, NM

“I’m 82-years-old and I can still perform when required—and perform satisfactorily. My wife thinks it’s great at our age.”  
–Alton Wiley in Oakland, CA

“Energy and stamina has always been an issue with me since I work outside in the heat all day. Prime Performance seems to recharge my body and allows me to show my wife how much I care after a long day at work.”  –Barry Swift in Fish Creek, WI

“I can sustain an erection for longer. I’m ready when my partner is.”  –Mel Fritch in Auburn, KY
“Prime Performance gives me all the energy I want and need. It’s the only product I’ve found that truly lives up to its promotion benefits.”  –Charles Hearne, in Santa Rosa, CA
“Prime Performance tops everything. I can’t put into words how it has improved my sex life.”  –Kent Keene in St. Cloud, MN

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Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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