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The 3,000 year old secret that could be the key to keeping...PERFECT BLOOD PRESSURE

If you dread that moment at every doctor’s visit when the nurse asks you to roll up your sleeve—you're not alone. Recently, scientists have found a natural solution that actually helps relax blood vessels—and keeps blood pressure in a healthy range. But the ingredeints in VitaCardio don’t stop there. Together they can help:

  • Relax blood vessels—So they can transport life-giving oxygen to your heart, brain, and organs.
  • Support heart function during exertion and exercise—That’s when you need it most.
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels. Enjoy the complete freedom to live your life the way you want to.
  • Keep blood pressure in the healthy range. Just sit back, put your feet up, and relax knowing that you’re always in good shape.

And that’s just a taste of why VitaCardio is the most complete natural heart and blood pressure supplement in the world.

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Breakthrough science reveals that this 3,000 year old secret
could be the key to maintaining…

There’s one part of every doctor’s visit that gives people absolute anxiety.

That moment the nurse asks you to roll up your sleeve.

Who knows what numbers will come back—or what kind of scolding you’re about to get?

But you’re about to see a simple solution that actually helps relax blood vessels—so they can transport life-giving oxygen to your heart, brain, and organs. It helps keep blood pressure in a healthy range.

You ready? Here it is…


Of course that’s not just any plant. In fact, the story behind it starts thousands of years ago…

That’s when ancient healers discovered that the bark of a sacred tree could treat everything from stomach problems to difficult breathing…to of course, keeping the heart healthy and strong.

The tree bark extract was so awe-inspiring that they decided name it after a legendary warrior. A warrior so strong, so tireless—he was known as “the undefeated hero.”

Of course this was before modern science. So even though these healers could see that the extract worked…they didn’t know how it worked.

Still, they passed along their knowledge from generation to generation…and over time, the healing powers of this warrior extract itself became the stuff of legend.

Fast forward to today, and it could be the key to sitting back and relaxing the next time your doctor puts a cuff on your arm.

A study published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research followed young men and women who hadn’t regularly exercised in the six months before the study started. They took 500 mg of the extract a day for two months. At the end, researchers measured that the extract had a “significant” healthy impact on systolic blood pressure.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg…

Breaking research from top institutions shows that this “warrior” extract doesn’t just support healthy blood pressure. It may help…

  • Maintain healthy circulation—both vital for a powerful cardiovascular system and a full, active life.
  • Keep cholesterol in the healthy range—so you and your family can rest easy at night.
  • Promote endothelial cell function—these are the cells that line and protect your blood vessels.

In fact, a 2007 animal study at the Bose Institute showed that this extract helped boost antioxidant activity, reduced damage from free radicals, and could be an all-around cardio protector.2

The warrior extract might be the most important natural breakthrough in heart health—ever. And the studies keep stacking up, showing that it may also help…

  • Support heart function during exertion and exercisewhen you need it most.
  • Fight damage caused by free radicals—so you can enjoy youthful energy and stamina for years to come.
  • Strengthen your most important muscle—so you can get out and play with your grandkids or make it through all 18 holes. 

That’s the kind of support we can all use. Because let’s face it… Your entire life depends on the small, 10 ounce muscle inside your chest.

Your heart beats 100,000 times a day. It pumps about one million barrels’ worth of blood in your lifetime. 

And it’s scary to think about all of the things that need to work together perfectly to keep your ticker working at its best.

The stress of it is enough to send even the healthiest people running for a checkup.

And you know if your heart isn’t PROTECTED, it really doesn’t matter how HEALTHY the rest of your body is.

Veteran herbalist Herb McDonald of Albuquerque credits the warrior extract with keeping blood pressure healthy in one of his 85-year-old patients. He praises it as “far and away the number one cardiovascular herb.”

Perhaps that’s because of the saponins in the tree bark. They’re natural detergents that can actually help keep your heart clean and healthy. Saponins can break down the fats found in food. Especially bad fats that can lead to cholesterol and blood pressure concerns.

Herb’s story is shared in a natural healing article by Karta Khalsa—one of the foremost natural healing experts in North America. He says: “Although it is rather new to us in the United States…[this extract] is probably the most widely used cardiac herbal medicine.

“It is thought of as BENEFICIAL for nearly ALL heart and circulatory systems.”

Personal success stories and scientific studies confirm: The warrior extract may be nature’s most powerful heart hero.

But just think how much you could boost the extract’s support when you combine it with a group of other research-backed heart nutrients.

The approach to supporting healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation, and more gets amplified tenfold when you take them the right way (you’ll see exactly how, in just a moment).

That could mean more energy…calm and relaxed feelings…more confidence during exercise…and more get-up-and-go to enjoy every day.

The warrior extract’s full name is terminalia arjuna.

In the Bhagavad Gita—one of the most well-known and sacred Hindu scriptures—Arjuna is an undefeated archer and warrior. He is the god Krishna’s dearest friend.

And ever since ancient healers used arjuna tree bark extract to help the heart, the evidence on how well it works has started to pile up. (And remember, a few other star nutrients I’ll show you in a minute may just make it even more potent…)

  • It’s a powerful antioxidant. Like the warrior Arjuna vanquished his enemies on the battlefield…arjuna extract can help defeat the free radicals that can age your heart. Didn’t lead the healthiest life in the past? It’s never too late to take a step in the right direction.

  • It also has a relaxing effect on blood vessels. For people who are concerned with blood pressure, arjuna may help keep it in the healthy range. So you relax and rest easy knowing you’ve got the support you need in any situation. 

  • Dr. Alan Keith Tillotson, in his book One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, says arjuna is especially helpful in promoting a healthy inflammation response. Inflammation is an important part of your body’s natural defenses. But it is critical for your good health to keep it in just the right balance.

  • It can help keep blood flowing smooth and steady to and from the heart. (And men, when blood flows strong it can have a powerful effect on your other most important organ…)

  • Arjuna naturally contains Coq10—a chemical your body needs to provide energy to your entire body. Your heart requires the most energy…and arjuna helps make sure you’re getting it.

  • Arjuna may help support heart function during exercise, too. 1,500 mg of arjuna helped one group of people add an average of six more minutes to their treadmill time. They recovered easier too. So you can lead your active lifestyle without worry.

So even if you order the T-bone, or eat an extra slice of rich chocolate birthday cake on occasion, you’ll know your heart and arteries are getting the support they need to help them stay clear and healthy around the clock.

When you go for a morning swim…play tag with your grandkids…even when you’re stressed about something at work or home…you can relax knowing your cardiovascular system is fully supported.

That could have you breathing easier—literally—with more energy, more confidence…making you a better husband, father, sister, grandmother…

With a central organ that’s healthy and strong.

But there may be a way to give it an even bigger boost.

One of the most important can help:

RELAX your vessels so blood can FLOW like a clear, STEADY stream

You’ve heard of the French Paradox. Where French people eat high levels of dietary cholesterol and fats…yet don’t have anywhere near the amount of heart concerns that we have here in the U.S. Some scientists believe it’s because they also drink a lot more wine than we do.

It’s not the wine itself, of course, but the compounds in it. Grape seed extract is full of antioxidants. But not all grape seed extracts are created equal…

There’s a special patented form of grape seed extract made in California from a seed blend of white wine grapes. Its distinct structure makes it more bioavailable than the ones you’d get at your local health food store. What does that mean? It means it can absorb into your cells more powerfully. Once there it can help…

  • Activate the nitric oxide in your body—helping to relax vessels so blood can flow freely.

  • Support normal artery function, keeping those vessels smooth and flexible.

  • Helps support healthy blood pressure in the normal range.

  • Support a healthy inflammation response.

  • Keep LDL “bad” cholesterol in the normal range

It’s called MegaNatural®-BP. One woman who uses it, Navy vet and nurse Sherri Godwin. She said: “My blood pressure has been in the normal ranges and continues to be with taking this supplement.” Another user vows MegaNatural®-BP “seems to be giving me the energy boost I need for my busy life.”

Clinical trials done by the manufacturer at the Department of Preventive Cardiology at UC Davis Medical School show people taking this specific, patented extract maintained healthy blood pressure. The group that got a placebo? They didn’t see the same benefits.

In another manufacturer study, patients who took MegaNatural®-BP showed improvements in markers of healthy blood pressure after only four weeks.

But here’s the thing. You can’t just go down to The Vitamin Shoppe and ask for a bottle of MegaNatural®-BP. They won’t have it. You’d have to go right to the manufacturer. And even then, it wouldn’t pack the powerful arjuna/grape seed combo that delivers the most heart-health support.

That’s why we did go straight to the SOURCE. Once we saw the research, we knew it was the BEST of the best

At New Summit Nutritionals, we scour the globe for the best nutrients and we put them together in unique blends that target an issue from all angles.

That’s how we formulated a heart-health supplement unmatched by anything out there. It’s designed to deliver not only ultimate support for a strong heart, but for healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and circulation.

It’s called VitaCardio.

VitaCardio targets your heart health from all angles, making it one of the most complete formulas out there.

It’s a blend of not just two research-backed, cardio-power nutrients... No. Once we started in on the research we couldn’t stop until we had the most complete cardiovascular supplement on the market. One that can help…

  • Keep blood pressure in normal range—for steady and smooth blood flow.

  • Support healthy artery walls—even if you spent years not eating right or exercising as often as you should…it’s not too late to take that first step.

  • Keep your circulation steady with just the right amount of blood flow—by balancing inflammation and preserving flexible arteries.

  • Ensure your blood gets from head to toe and back again the way it’s supposed to—by supporting nitric oxide production, which relaxes blood vessels.

  • Build up a strong heart—so you can get out and enjoy each day, with less worry.

These are the nutrients that don’t come up on that afternoon TV-show heart health segment. Like the one that allows you to…

and BREATHE better

If you’re always stressing about your cardio health while you exercise, you are going to sabotage all your efforts. Because you won’t put all you’ve got into what you’re doing. And who could blame you?

That’s why VitaCardio includes a powerful ingredient that helps put you back in control. In Greek its name means “strong.” And talk about a fitting name. It actually helps support cardiovascular function during exercise. You’ve probably even heard of it. Hawthorn.

Research tests on patients exercising have reported better tolerance to stress…and support for normal heart rate and blood pressure compared to a placebo.

It works because it’s stuffed full of antioxidants. So many, that when scientists tested the pulps of 28 different fruits for antioxidants…hawthorn came out on top. And you know that besides heart support, antioxidants can help fight free radicals, giving you younger looking, smoother skin…support your immune system…anti-aging…brain health, and more. So you can look and feel good inside and out.

Other studies show hawthorn may help with fatigue and shortness of breath. So your blood pumps strong and you feel naturally energized.

That means whether you’re going hard at the racquetball courts—or swimming your 50th lap—you’ll feel confident and in control.

But there is another natural secret to maintaining…

PERFECT Blood Pressure!

Every doctor will tell you that magnesium is absolutely necessary for a healthy heart. In fact, it is important for everything—it does over 300 jobs in that body that scientists know about. Magnesium literally keeps you alive.

And your heart needs it to help relax blood vessels…to support healthy blood pressure…and to keep your blood vessel walls strong and supple.

An Italian study of 83 people looked at magnesium’s effects on blood pressure and quality of life. After taking 200 mg a day for three months…

  • They had healthier systolic blood pressure

  • They felt less aches and pains

  • Their breathing was easier

  • They didn’t get as tired out during physical activity

  • They enjoyed their jobs and hobbies more

  • They felt better emotionally

  • They were more alert

As the authors of the study said, “improvement in quality of life must be considered highly significant” while taking magnesium.

Also highly significant? What VitaCardio does to…

BANISH free radicals for proper inflammation and cholesterol support

All of the antioxidants packed into VitaCardio help keep inflammation and cholesterol healthy…so you don’t have to fret over every single morsel you eat. That means you can enjoy special occasions the way you should. Partake of the wedding buffet…and the cake that follows

Cocoa bean extract can support healthy cholesterol levels.— A study  in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that supplementing with cocoa powder and dark chocolate may help reduce LDL cholesterol (that’s the bad kind) oxidation. Researchers attribute this effect to the flavanols found in cocoa products. This is important. Because when that bad cholesterol mixes with free radicals, it oxidizes inside of your arteries. And that can spell big trouble. But VitaCardio is here to help.

Pomegranate extract protects against free radicals and oxidative stress…in turn helping to support healthy cholesterol. But instead of having to drink a sugary juice every day, you can slip in the benefits along with the other VitaCardio nutrients.

The science-backed ingredients in this proprietary formula give your heart the support it needs, to help you:

  • Have more daily energy and easy breathing…
  • Feel an improvement in your mood, even during stressful situations…
  • Feel that your heart is supported during exercise…

And so many more of the little, everyday things most people take for granted. But that you know all stem from that 10 ounce muscle in the middle of your chest.

VitaCardio can help give you a better QUALITY of life, PEACE of mind, and a stronger, more POWERFUL heart.

Your heart needs to last a lifetime—preferably a long, healthy one.

So what would it mean to know that you’re doing the most to make sure that happens?

To make your family proud with A+ doctor’s tests… To always feel up to running errands, playing tag with your grandkids, going out for dinner and dancing… To take that bike ride with your wife… Sign up for the morning running club… Accept that doubles invitation.

VitaCardio helps you add healthy, vital heart support to your daily routine. It can help give you pure energy—at the cellular level—to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, blood vessels, and circulation. So you can eliminate your worry and live your life to the fullest.

Another way we try to eliminate your worry is by saving you money.

We know how expensive supplements can get. And yes, often times the best ingredients cost the most money, you get what you pay for, and all that…

But imagine how much it would cost to take all of the ingredients you just learned about separately. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. We looked at prices at one of the most popular supplement retailers in the country.

First thing we noticed was that they only carried half the nutrients. No arjuna, no cocoa bean…and of course we already knew they wouldn’t have the patented MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract.

So one bottle each of JUST HALF the ingredients…costs almost $85 to get in a store. That’s a lot of expensive supplements to take each day.

The cost of VitaCardio—double the nutrients, in a unique blend with proprietary, hard to find nutrients for the best all-around heart strength—isn’t anywhere near that.

And every shipment of VitaCardio always comes with our:

100% Risk-Free Guarantee—For Life

“I love most how VitaCardio helps my blood pressure. At my last appointment, my doctor told me he’d see me in a year. Pretty good for 83-years-old.”  –Hank Walton in Idaho Springs, CO

“I’ve been taking it for two years and have introduced it to many people. I feel better after I take it.”  –Sarah Clement in Black Mountain, NC

“My doctor is still scratching her head! She did not believe diet or supplements like VitaCardio would work so well. She is happy with my cholesterol and blood pressure levels now.”  –Greg Barr in Chicago, IL

“My blood pressure was gradually increasing and I wanted a natural solution. Since starting VitaCardio, my blood pressure is in the healthy range. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”   –Ellen Jarrett in Midland, TX

 “VitaCardio helps protect my heart and support my blood pressure.”   –Karen Belk in Lake Wylie, NC” 

 “It’s a very good supplement for the heart and circulation. It’s given me more energy and I feel fit.”   –Nat Zeman in Charleston, SC



VitaCardio Ingredients

WARNING: Hawthorn may potentiate the action of digitails. If taking prescription heart medications, or are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product.

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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