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Prime Performance


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The real secret to vibrant health and youthful energy...

VitaThyroid is a revolutionary new approach for anyone concerned with their thyroid’s health and performance.

With VitaThyroid, you'll finally be able to enjoy the vibrant health and energy you've been missing. Plus, the natural, science-backed ingredients in VitaThyroid help:

  • Support appetite and weight control—So you can enjoy the satisfaction of looking and feeling your best.
  • Support mood—So you can wake up each morning with a positive attitude—ready to enjoy a new day.
  • Focus and concentration—Now all of your friends and relatives will want in on your secret when they see how sharp and quick you are.

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Every single day—every hour, actually—something is quietly and steadily attacking your thyroid.

If you know anything about this tiny but powerful organ, you know how dangerous this can be.

If you don’t know (and many don’t, doctor’s don’t discuss it much), your thyroid is your body’s main circuit breaker. The place that sends life-giving energy to every single cell in your body.

When it’s not operating at full power...well…do any of these sound familiar?

  • Tired all the time, no “get up and go”…
  • Moody, sad, anxious, and you don’t know why…
  • A foggy mind, a struggle to concentrate, or you get flustered easily…
  • Dry, thin, lifeless skin and hair, not yourself when you look in the mirror…
  • Weak muscles and extra weight you just can’t get rid of (mostly because you don’t have the energy to try…”

It’s not your fault. And it’s not just “getting older” either. Its forces actively working against your thyroid—and in turn, your whole body’s health.

One is something that happens to all of us, constantly, and we don’t realize it. But if you’ve sat in a car for more than 20 minutes this week…or used the computer (like right now!)—it’s hurting your thyroid!

Another is something we come into contact with every day. Multiple times a day. There’s no avoiding it. It’s supposed to be good for you. Yet studies keep linking it to health effects like attention problems, lower IQ, and an underactive thyroid. And it gets worse, as you’ll see in a few minutes.

You’re about to hear from Dr. Deborah Gordon. She’s a medical doctor in Ashland, Oregon, with over 30 years’ experience in everything from emergency rooms, to rural health clinics, to her own family practice.

She got her MD from the University of California, San Francisco. It’s ranked 2nd in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Dr. Gordon is a leader in her field.

And so many times, Dr. Gordon has seen her patients struggle with symptoms and conditions they had no idea all stem from their thyroid. When they discover the truth, it’s like a lightbulb coming on. The confused, frustrated tension fades away as they learn that strengthening their thyroid isn’t as hard as they thought.

That’s what Dr. Gordon is going to share with you now. What you should have learned over years’ worth of doctors’ appointments (but your doctor didn’t tell you). Every time you complained of little to no energy. Every time you wondered why you’re not your cheerful self anymore. Every time you asked why you just can’t lose those frustrating extra pounds… Every time you were sent in a different direction…

Thyroid issues affect 20 million Americans. 60% of them don’t even know it. Even those who do, don’t know how to fix it.

You may be one of them. But this will be your last day in the dark.

Dr. Gordon is about to reveal to you what is secretly sabotaging your thyroid. She’ll tell you what thyroid-strengthening nutrients your body is missing—and craving. Getting them in the right amounts and right combinations is critical.

And she’ll let you in on a simple, but complete solution that will allow you to reclaim your health once and for all.

Flip your body’s forgotten circuit breaker back to full power

Dr. Gordon

Hello, I’m Dr. Deborah Gordon. I see people in my office every day who feel just plain “blah” all the time.

Take Joanne, for example (that’s not her real name) that came to me a couple months ago.

Her previous doctors had given her a clean bill of health. So she was near tears with frustration, not knowing what’s wrong. Maybe you can relate?

Well in Joanne’s case—and so many others—they weren’t looking at the right thing. Or, rather, they weren’t looking close enough. They didn’t do the right tests.

So I checked something in Joanne’s blood no one had thought to check before.

Based on the results, we made a few simple tweaks to her daily routine. And just weeks later…Joanne is the portrait of perfect health.

It’s happened time and time again with other patients who thought there was no hope.

For them…and maybe you too…it was the thyroid.

“Now wait,” you might be thinking. “I’ve gotten the thyroid test. It came back fine.”

Of course you got “the” thyroid test. And yes, your doctor probably did say you were fine.

That’s part of the problem.

When your thyroid hormones drop lower than they should, the pituitary gland in your head makes something called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, or TSH. TSH orders the thyroid to kick the hormones up a notch.

You’ve probably seen TSH on your blood panel. Doctors use it to check your thyroid function.

As a doctor myself, I can tell you there are two big issues with that:

  1. If a doctor says he’ll check your thyroid and all he orders is TSH…he’s not getting the full picture. Like I said, TSH comes from the pituitary gland. It’s not even a thyroid hormone. So it can’t be the only determination of your thyroid’s health.
  2. The range many doctors use is too wide. So if you’re “normal,” but borderline, chances are you still need a thyroid boost. But your doctor might tell you you’re fine, based on the range he uses.

These are both common things I see when patients come to me. Or I see in family and friends.

So first, I tell them the real tests they need to get the full picture of their thyroid’s health. I’ll share them with you today, too.

And the second thing I tell them is that almost everyone can use some thyroid support. Even if your TSH test came back “normal.”

Here’s why…

Say you’re carrying a cup of water full to the brim. Every movement you make, every which way you tip the cup, no matter how small, disturbs the balance of the water in the cup. Causes some to spill out. So that by the time you want to drink it, you don’t have as much as you wanted.

Your thyroid is like that. For your entire life, things in you and around you cause “the cup to tip” and result in less thyroid hormones for your body to work with.

And boy can that mess your body up.

You’d be surprised at just how much these hormones do. They boost your metabolism. They regulate your breathing and your heart rate. Your body temperature, skin, and hair. And so much more. Basically, your thyroid keeps you alive!

It doesn’t seem like a little butterfly-shaped gland in your neck could be that powerful. But it is. Your thyroid is the circuit breaker for your entire body’s energy.

It’s connected to your brain, your bones, your blood sugar, your heart and kidneys—everything. So when you tire out fast (or don’t have the energy to begin with)…when you’re sore and achy…when you’re moody, or forgetful, or sad—and you blame it on being tired…

It may be because your thyroid isn’t working at full power.

You probably didn’t know it. But thyroid attacks are coming at you from every angle. It’s not your fault—some we’ve even been taught are good for us! No one ever told you how bad these things can really be.

Especially trigger #1…

Your Thyroid’s Greatest Enemy


If you’ve sat in a car for more than 20 minutes this week…

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook or Internet news today…

If you watch TV for more than an hour or two each day…

That’s all stress to your body.

We live in a level of stress that our bodies just weren’t made for. We don’t think we’re stressed. But our bodies do. It’s putting too much pressure on our thyroids. And in turn, our whole bodies.

Stress especially affects your mind, mood, and how your brain functions.

There is a really helpful supplement for thyroid stress and that is Bacopa monnieri.

It’s a small, creeping herb with light purple flowers—it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time as a memory enhancer.

An animal study showed that 200 mg of Bacopa monnieri extract increased the thyroid hormone T4 by 41%. That’s a pretty significant boost.

Other studies, in humans, show a highly concentrated extract:

  • Improves cognitive function in healthy adults (that helps with the brain fog we all get from time to time).
  • Helps you retain more newly learned behavior (you can teach an old dog new tricks).
  • Here’s a good one: According to one study author it “Significantly improved speed of visual information processing and learning rate . . . decreasing forgetting rate.”
  • And helps improve mood and steady nerves (who couldn’t use that?).

…all after just three months.

But you’ve probably never heard of this powerful herb.

It’s just one I’ve discovered in my decades of learning to balance the body’s thyroid. The trick is the right nutrients, in the right combinations...

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen thyroid “news” splashed across every tabloid health magazine in the supermarket check-out line. Maybe you’ve even bought a few.

You probably noticed they talk about the same few things. Same stories (always a woman…but guess what, this is a male issue too!). Same generic solutions. (Get more sleep? Sure, if that wasn’t a side-effect of the problem!)

What I’m revealing to you today is not that. It’s not a sad headline designed to sell magazines. It’s not a bunch of noise and buzzwords. It’s not even what most general practitioners will tell you at a six-minute doctor’s appointment.

No, what you’re getting today is a complete solution to flipping your thyroid circuit breaker back to go. To send pulsing life and energy to every single cell in your body. Plus, support for…

  • Weight control—So you can enjoy the satisfaction of looking and feeling your best.
  • A happier mood—So you can wake up each morning with a positive attitude, ready to enjoy a new day.
  • Focus and concentration—To get your daily tasks done with ease, with plenty of time left over to spend with friends and family.

And almost everyone can use help with those things. Especially because of thyroid trigger #2…

If You’ve Come into Contact With Water Today…

And that’s our toxic drinking water.

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. That staying hydrated is the key to good energy, good brainpower, good skin…

And that’s true.

But not when the water you drink is full of chemicals ruining your thyroid—and in turn your whole body’s health.

First, there’s fluoride. The worst of them all.

It was added to most of the nation’s drinking water back in the 1940s. To help keep teeth white and cavity free.

But I bet you didn’t know the other half of the story…

In 2015, the federal government quietly lowered the recommended level of fluoride in the drinking water. Even though they knew last century that fluoride doesn’t need to be swallowed at all. And that studies keep linking it to health effects like attention problems, lower IQ, and of course, an underactive thyroid.

I hate to say it. But it gets worse.

Because 90% of the fluoride in our water is silicon fluoride. It’s a toxic gas that comes out of phosphate fertilizer plants.

Since the 1960s, these plants have been selling this toxic fluoride to your local water facility. And they dump it into your drinking glass. It pours out of your sink and shower. It flows through your washing machine and dish washer.

See this chart? It’s the hazards warning for silicon fluoride. It gets a three out of four for health hazards—hazards that include a sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, or a burning sensation if it’s inhaled. International Chemical Safety says to avoid all contact. To “evacuate the danger area” if it’s accidentally spilled. But the government is still knowingly adding it to the water supply.

Maybe they don’t fluoridate the water where you live. That’s great. Unfortunately, you’re still not completely safe.

Chlorine and bromide—they’re used to treat swimming pools and hot tubs, where they absorb into your skin. But did you know they’re also in your drinking water?

And they are not safe in the amounts most people are taking in. An increased risk of bladder cancer and asthma come with too much chlorine. Heck, it was used it as a poison gas back in WWI!

Maybe you remember Bromo-Seltzer—popular in the 50’s to treat heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion… The Bromo in the name is from bromide. But it was soon discovered that even a “normal” amount could lead to hallucinations, confusion… There was even a name for it: chronic bromism. It was responsible for as many as 10% of admissions to psychiatric hospitals before bromide was taken out of Bromo-Seltzer in 1975 because it was just too toxic.

…Yet it’s still in your tap water!

If you think drinking bottled makes you any safer…think again.

The plastic bottles contain BPA—another thyroid disrupting chemical. And most bottled waters are nothing but glorified tap water. Aquafina, the biggest bottled water brand (owned by Pepsi), quietly changed their label a few years back to show that they fill their bottles from the same source as tap water.

Stress…dirty water…foods we eat that are covered in pesticides…phthalates and parabens in shampoos, lotions, cosmetics…even electronics. The World Health Organization states: “Human exposure can occur via the ingestion of food, dust and water, inhalation of gases and particles in the air, and skin contact.” They all work against our thyroids. No matter how healthy we are.

As you can see there’s almost no getting away from it entirely. That’s why almost everyone can use a little help getting their thyroid back into a balanced state. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I told you about Bacopa monnieri. Now let’s talk about iodine.

You may only think of iodine as part of table salt, and therefore something bad for you. But it’s actually one of the most important elements your body needs to survive—and thrive.

Iodine comes from the same family as fluoride, chlorine, and bromide. In fact, they’re so closely related that one can easily displace another in your body. So when your body wants iodine, it can take in fluoride instead.

But iodine is the hero of the family. Because when you get more of it, like in supplement form, it helps flush out its black-sheep brothers. Studies have shown that iodine helps more fluoride and more bromide leave your body.

It’s no coincidence that the thyroid is the only part of the body that absorbs iodine. Not getting enough is the number one cause—worldwide—of a slower-working thyroid. It’s like making a cake and not adding enough baking powder. Your cake will be flat and lifeless. For you that might mean weight gain, low energy, feeling sad or mopey, memory problems…

That’s because iodine, mixed with the amino acid tyrosine, actually creates the thyroid hormones that travel through the bloodstream and supercharge every cell in your body.

But when you don’t get enough thyroid hormones, from a lack of iodine, tyrosine, or the other crucial nutrients I’m going to show you, your body starts to slow down.

Your metabolism drags so you gain weight…it seems like you’re tired all the time…your mind gets foggy…your mood gets irritable…your muscles ache…your skin can even become flaky or your hair could thin. Sound familiar? Most doctors tell you that’s just part of getting older!

…Yet the solution could be as simple as getting the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right times.

So when New Summit Nutritionals came to me for help in putting together what they called, “the best supplement in the world for thyroid health,” I just had to say yes.

The result is VitaThyroid.

It’s got Bacopa monnieri, iodine, tyrosine, and a whole lot more. 13 ingredients in all—a baker’s dozen of ultimate thyroid support. So you don’t have to buy them all individually and pay an arm and a leg.

And you get them in the combinations and dosages that we feel will give you the ultimate thyroid tune-up and continual support.

I know I keep repeating how important that is. But I can’t stress it enough. Your thyroid is delicate and requires a delicate balance. Too much or too little of an ingredient could throw it in the wrong direction.

That’s why these next four were
very carefully added…

These might seem like the most basic of the bunch, but that’s also the reason they often get overlooked.

I’m talking about the minerals selenium, zinc, and copper.

If you’re thinking, “Oh I take a multi-vitamin that has all those, I’m covered,” think again.

First, a multi-vitamin probably won’t give you enough for real thyroid benefit. But even more than getting the right amount… I believe it’s the right amount in relation to the others—that’s vital.

Here’s the rundown on why this trio is so important…

  • A Chinese study on mice published in the Journal of Hygiene Research suggests that taking a selenium supplement may help protect the brain from fluoride.
  • Even more, without selenium, there would be no activation of thyroid hormones.
  • The British Medical Bulletin reported that both copper and zinc have been shown to influence thyroid metabolism.
  • Zinc and your thyroid have their own partnership. Zinc is required for the production of thyroid hormones. And in turn, thyroid hormones are needed to absorb zinc. In an animal study, a zinc deficiency lowered thyroid hormones by about 30%.

The thing about zinc though, is if there is too much in the body, it can mess with the thyroid in a bad way. And it can interfere with copper levels. So that’s why we added 10 mg of zinc to VitaThyroid, and 500 micrograms of copper—a good balance.

One way to get these essential minerals is through food—they get picked up in the soil. Problem is, the soil is starved of them. And it shows in our bodies.

…Unless you supplement. Which is why we added them to VitaThyroid.

Along with this next mineral. It’s not a popular one. But it’s an important one.

Manganese is essential for prime thyroid function. It helps make the thyroid hormone T4.

It’s also directly connected to how much energy your body produces. Because it helps protect a molecule called ATP. ATP brings energy to each one of your cells—in fact, it’s often referred to as “energy currency.”

Remember, your thyroid controls how fast your metabolism works. So the more energy your thyroid gets…the better your body can burn the food you eat.

That’s why stubborn weight gain is almost a given with a slow-working thyroid.

When you think you’re doing everything you can to lose those weight and it’s just not working… Well your thyroid may be quietly working against you.

But when you speed up your metabolism, you could…

  • Start to see the fat fade away…after years of frustration trying to lose those extra pounds.
  • Like what you see in the mirror again…even fit in to the “maybe next year” clothes in the back of your closet.
  • Feel lighter so you feel like being more active…causing you to lose even more weight and build lean muscle.

The well-studied fat-burning herb coleus forskohlii was the next ingredient we knew we needed to include in VitaThyroid. We chose the Forslean® brand, for its quality.

Not only does it help give your thyroid more get up and go… The Indian medicinal plant has been a star in recent weight loss studies. For example, from Forslean, in people taking 500 mg a day…

  • Six overweight women in Hilton Head, SC lost an average of nine pounds in just two months. They shed 23% of their body fat. And their lean body mass jumped 10%.

  • An Indian study of 60 overweight men saw an average loss of 4% total body weight.
  • Another published study reported coleus forskohlii increased free and total testosterone levels in overweight men.

  • And people taking it in Memphis said they felt less fatigue and hunger.

Scientists think coleus forskohlii works because it ramps up an important molecule called cAMP—which may regulate your body’s response to food. So we made sure to include 200 mg in VitaThyroid.

Then there’s chromium.

It’s been on some forward-thinking doctors’ radar for 50 years now to improve insulin sensitivity—so your body can use blood sugar better and curb weight gain. That means you can indulge in a second helping of birthday cake now and again without worrying so much...and without those questioning glances from your family.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that chromium may help promote a healthy metabolism, as well as healthy percentages of fat, water, and muscles in the body.

Who couldn’t use a little of that?

In one study of 43 sedentary, overweight women, published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 400 mcg of chromium along with exercise caused significant weight loss.

But it was a specific type of chromium. It’s called chromium polynicotinate. 90% of Americans don’t get the daily suggested intake.

So that’s why we put 100 mcg of that kind of chromium into VitaThyroid.

Every ingredient in VitaThyroid helps make your thyroid stronger and stronger…and that naturally gives you the energy that you’ve been missing—no, that you’ve been craving—for who knows how long.

Maybe you’ve forgotten what proper energy feels like. To ensure you get every last drop you can use for the activities you love (like running around with the grandkids!) we added folate.

And believe me when I tell you this may be the secret ingredient you’ve been missing all along!

Folate helps make red blood cells. And red blood cells carry oxygen all around your body—breathing energy into your organs and jumpstarting your energy levels.

When your body’s not getting enough oxygen, you feel tired and lethargic, maybe even a little faint sometimes. You get out of breath or get a headache easily…

And it’s pretty easy for that to happen because the average life of a red blood cell is 120 days. So you constantly need new ones—meaning you constantly need new folate to make them. And if raw leafy green vegetables and liver aren’t your friend…you have to supplement.

Most supplements though, they don’t have the right kind of folate. Enough of it has to be able to absorb and convert to a form your body can use. If you see folic acid on a label...your body might only be using 14% of it. It’s why you’ll find 1,000 micrograms of Quatrefolic brand folate in VitaThyroid. It’s what your body needs to squeeze out every last drop of sustained energy that lasts the whole day.

Folate plus the other 12 ingredients in VitaThyroid will turn your whole world right-side up again.

So you can…

  • Start out each day feeling refreshed and strong—as soon as you wake up.
  • Have a clear mind and quick thinking—to get done everything you need to do.
  • Notice pure, natural energy carrying you through your entire day.
  • Friends and family might notice your attitude is different too. That you’re happy, calm, and content again, the person they know, and love, and missed.
  • Like what you see in the mirror again thanks to your extra energy and jump-started metabolism.
  • And then get in to bed at night and fall asleep fast, ready to do it all again the next day—and well into the future.

VitaThyroid has 13 non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian ingredients sourced from around the world, packed into a capsule made in a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility right here in the USA. New Summit Nutritionals cut no corners in making the best thyroid boosting, thyroid protecting supplement there is. It’s why they’re the company I chose to partner with.

New Summit Nutritionals’ unique, carefully formulated supplement that will give you all the nutrients you need to help balance your thyroid. To address the real reason you feel rotten all the time and get you back to your real self.

Don’t worry. Another reason I felt confident about working with New Summit Nutritionals is that their prices are fair and they have the best guarantee I’ve ever seen.

They’re confident that VitaThyroid is the only thyroid supplement you’ll ever need (and so am I, or I wouldn’t be talking to you today), that they offer a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee on the product price.

That means if you ever decide VitaThyroid isn’t living up to its promise, all you have to do is call their Customer Care line. You’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked.

With that unique guarantee, you can take as long as you want to feel the way VitaThyroid’s power keeps building over time. And it only gets better the longer you take it.

VitaThyroid just keeps working day after day, month after month, year after year. It doesn’t quit. Supporting your thyroid for life. I know that once you feel the results it delivers—you’ll never want to be without it again.

To your great days ahead,

Dr. Deborah Gordon

VitaThyroid Ingredients

Warning: Do not take this product if you have an over active thyroid, bleeding disorders, cardiovascular disease or hormone sensitive conditions; or if you are taking blood thinners, calcium channel blockers, nitrates, or statin drugs. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to any elective surgeries.

If pregnant or nursing, consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product.

Color of this product may vary due to color variations of the natural ingredients.

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).Do not use if the seal is broken.

Do not use if seal is broken.

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