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  1. Bio PT Elixir

    The anti-aging drink mix to help you feel younger

    Preliminary research shows that the anti-aging ingredients in our powerhouse Bio PT Elixir can help your heart, support your brain, and rejuvenate your body cell by cell.

    • Wake up vibrant—your mind immediately clear and sharp.
    • Have boundless, natural energy that carries you throughout the entire day—no caffeine needed.
    • Attack every task on your to-do list with precision and focus.
    • Be more productive and finish each day feeling satisfied with your accomplishments.
    • Feel more positive and reeling with good energy.
    • Know that with every step you take, your body's inner defenses are hard at work keeping you healthy.

    Simply by drinking a daily six-ounce glass that contains this anti-aging nutrient blend.

  2. Neurall

    Lift your brain fog and banish “senior moments” with the most powerful memory supplement on the market.

    No one wants to go through life anxious about what they’re going to forget next. Luckily, we know now that the brain is just like any part of our body—if we give it the proper nutrients, we can help keep it strong and healthy. That’s where Neurall® comes in, to help:

    • Support the brain cells that hold your memories and skills.
    • Improve mood, better sleep, and a better response to stress.
    • Stay positive and confident in social interactions.
  3. Charge360

    Complete natural testosterone and men’s healthy aging supplement

    Charge360™ addresses all the major issues that aging men face.
    Decreases in: energy, sex drive, muscle mass, and motivation.

    The four ingredients in Charge360™ help:

    • Support natural testosterone levels by unlocking the T trapped inside you.
    • Support healthy stress hormone levels and a positive mood.
    • Support muscle growth when combined with resistance training.

    With Charge360™, you can feel like your younger self all day long—from the time you get out of bed, through the afternoon slump, to when you lie down to sleep (or have sex) at night.

  4. Men's Complete Performance Pack

    Everything you need for everything it means to be a man.

    The Men’s Complete Performance Pack includes:

    Charge360™: Supports healthy testosterone levels and boosts energy, performance and mood.

    Prime Performance: Our most advanced sexual performance and health supplement.

    When you take them together in the Men’s Complete Performance Pack... In no time at all you’ll be back in action, in every way

  5. ProControl PM

    The powerful supplement for men to help reduce nightly bathroom visits and sleep through the night.

    Featuring Flowens®, a natural extract clinically shown to improve symptoms like:

    • Frequency of urination
    • Urgency to go
    • Nighttime peeing
    • Poor stream, dribbling, hesitating
    • Feeling like you didn’t empty your bladder

    Plus a blend of natural nutrients designed to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

    With ProControl PM, you can cut back on excessive trips to the bathroom and wake refreshed, ready to take on each day.

  6. CannaComplete

    CannaComplete – the superior CBD product

    CBD is the most revolutionary health breakthrough on the planet – but despite all of the news, there’s a lot of questions. Most importantly – where can I get a CBD product I can trust?

    Studies have shown an astounding 70% of CBD products don’t contain as much CBD as they advertise.

    And those that do typically come as a brown, messy oil – complete with a foul taste like moldy grass.

    At New Summit Nutritionals, we’ve been supplement experts for over 25 years.

    Every bottle of CannaComplete encapsulates the power of CBD in an easy to swallow and carry with you pill.  Plus our famous quality control standards guarantee that what’s on the label is in the bottle.

    It is produced using only high-grade US-grown organic hemp and features the revolutionary full-spectrum extract Cannabid-ALL™.

    Every dose is extracted using proprietary Whole Hemp, Low Temp Technology to optimize the complete range of bioactive compounds found in hemp.

    This means you get the full benefits of the whole plant as nature intended – including the antioxidant power of terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll.

    No other product can deliver on such a promise.

    *Currently available only in the U.S.

  7. SomaVive

    Sleep like a baby…and wake up biologically younger. Even better—this breakthrough starts working the very first night.

    Imagine waking up every morning refreshed and rejuvenated from getting a good night’s rest. But not only that—with the help of this breakthrough, you could wake up biologically younger than the night before. SomaVive helps jumpstart your body’s production of SOMA—a natural hormone fighting against one of the real causes of aging.

    SomaVive helps you…

    • Experience rejuvenating sleep, night after night
    • Support healthy blood sugar
    • Promote a strong heart
    • Maintain crystal clear thinking and…
    • Promote the youth-defying hormone, SOMA
  8. Collagen 2X

    Collagen 2X

    Discover the beauty rejuvenating power of collagen.

    With just a single scoop of Collagen 2X, you’ll be on your way to looking – and feeling – better than you have in decades.

    No more laugh lines. No more crow’s feet. No more wavy cellulite that nothing ever seems to work on. Imagine looking in the mirror every morning and seeing a bright, rejuvenated face with hardly a wrinkle in sight.

    With Collagen 2X, that’s no longer a dream. Collagen 2X features scientifically-studied form of collagen, engineered to work at the source of your wrinkles, to eliminate the signs of aging.

    In fact, studies show it eliminates wrinkles, strengthens nails and fills in cellulite – all in as little as 8 weeks.

    But not only that—with an added dose of specialized joint-restoring peptides, your knees, shoulders and elbows could all feel as amazing as you look. No other collagen formula, let alone expensive creams and goops can deliver both beauty and joint restoration like Collagen 2X.

    Collagen 2X helps give you…

    • Smooth, taut skin around your eyes, neck and more
    • Fuller hair that refuses to fall out
    • Smooth, sexy legs without a hint of cellulite
    • Strong, brilliant nails
    • And everything you need to look and feel beautiful
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8 Item(s)