Bio PT Elixir

Bio PT Elixir

Peak 20/20

Peak 20/20


Complete natural testosterone and men’s healthy aging supplement

Charge360™ addresses all the major issues that aging men face.
Decreases in: energy, sex drive, muscle mass, and motivation.

The four ingredients in Charge360™ help:

  • Support natural testosterone levels by unlocking the T trapped inside you.
  • Support healthy stress hormone levels and a positive mood.
  • Support muscle growth when combined with resistance training.

With Charge360™, you can feel like your younger self all day long—from the time you get out of bed, through the afternoon slump, to when you lie down to sleep (or have sex) at night.

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Restore and reinvigorate everything related to your manhood

Sixty percent of men over 50, especially men in their 60s, 70s and 80s, have felt the symptoms of low testosterone.

Moody and easily stressed…a weak libido…tired after getting a full night’s sleep…weaker muscles, creaky knees, softer stomach, “man boobs”…

Testosterone is the chemical that circulates around your body, telling all your parts to man up.

Your bone and muscle strength, your sex drive and performance, you energy levels, your facial hair, and your fat distribution is all related to your testosterone levels (T).

After you hit 40, your levels start to go down by about 2% a year. It may not seem like much, but by age 60, your T level could be half of what it used to be. And it shows.

But declining testosterone isn’t inevitable—or irreversible.

There are a lot of products on the market that boast about boosting your low T. That you can "put back in" what father time has taken away.

The thing is, if you just take T, your body will get lazy, thinking there's enough. Plus it could mean wild swings in hormones that kill your mood or a weird body shape that makes people do a double take—and not in a good way. Flooding your body with too much T means constant monitoring to make sure your levels are right.

Instead, free the testosterone that’s trapped in your body.

If your body's supported in making its own testosterone, you'll know it's working by how you look and feel—and by the way your lady gives you "that look."

Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your other hormones are safe, your heart is supported, your liver, your kidneys and your prostate are unaffected.

No longer needing afternoon naps. Feeling strong when moving around furniture (instead of calling on the young guys for help) and turning up the heat with your lady when the moment strikes… That’s what it means to be a man and that’s what you can get back.

Charge360™ gives you everything it means to be a man.

LJ100®: A patented form of eurycoma longfolia—aka longjack—with over 12 published clinical trials on humans. It's the most studied, most successful form of nature's most powerful testosterone booster. LJ100 releases trapped testosterone from SHBG (Sex Hormone-Biding Globulin) and lowers estrogen (yes, you have it). Researchers think it restores the balance between testosterone and cortisol (no more spare tire or man boobs).

One study followed a group of 30 guys who took LJ100®. After just three weeks, 73% of them saw serious boosts in free testosterone levels. That’s the type of testosterone your body can actually put to work for things like muscle growth and fat burning.

Not only that, they also reported higher energy and activity levels; increased arousal sexual desire, and better sex; less aches in their backs and joints; better sleep and sharper memory.

LJ100® by itself does wonders. But it can get even better when combined with these other powerful ingredients…

Ashwagandha: A traditional Ayurvedic herb used for centuries, KSM-66 is the most studied ashwagandha extract on the market today. You’ll come to know it as your secret weapon for supercharged energy levels. That’s because it revs up oxygen consumption. Maximum oxygen consumption is one of the most important measures of endurance. It means improved stamina and less fatigue and exhaustion. Men in a study also noted stronger muscles, exercise tolerance, better sleep, physical health, and social relationships.

Rhodiola: This herb grows at high altitudes in the arctic circle of Eastern Europe and Asia. It helps with energy, exercise stamina, and recovery. But what it really targets is stress. In one study, the researchers said, “taking rhodiola will result in feeling less stress, allowing one to move through difficult times with more ease.”

Bergamonte: NOMax® is a branded extract of the bergamot orange—a citrus that grows almost exclusively in Southern Italy. Bergamot is a natural nitric oxide activator. The walls of your blood vessels release nitric oxide so that they can relax. This lets a powerful surge of blood flow right where you want it. One study found that compared to a placebo, NOMax®improved blood flow by 20%–50%.

And when you combine it with the other proven ingredients in Charge360™, you’re left with exactly what you need most…testosterone control from every angle.

“I love the way it has boosted my sex drive. It’s given me more energy and a greater libido. Try it, it’s natural  ––Don Plummer in Reston, MD
“I feel younger! Energy was the most dramatic improvement, along with getting my libido back.”  –– Joseph Fischer in Hoboken, NJ
“I’ve had such a positive experience with Charge360™, I’d tell anyone it’s worth trying. Better energy and vitality is what I love most.”  –-Theodore Slater in Fisk, MO

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