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  • Carbs: How Low Should You Go?

    I’ve long sung the praises of cutting carbs. There is a mountain of evidence that carbohydrates are a primary cause of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.1

    But now, a massive new study has made some people re-examine their feelings about carbs....

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  • Do You Have the Telltale Signs of a Folate Deficiency?

    Cell growth is probably not something that keeps you up at night. But it may be the most underrated aspect of good health.

    Think about it… Our bodies are in a constant state of renewal. Old cells die and we create new ones to take their place.


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  • One Herb Prevents the #1 Danger of Aging

    It’s one of the most dangerous parts of aging…becoming frail, falling, and getting hurt.

    For older people, it’s often the beginning of the end.!--more--

    Breaking a hip or arm in a fall may start a downward health spiral. It can mean loss of inde...

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  • Eat This to Get Rid of Chronic Pain

    Do you suffer from chronic pain that your doctor can’t explain or effectively treat? Or maybe you love someone who does?

    If so, it’s time to demand answers and get help. Because not only does pain steal the joy from your life…

    It can lead to dem...

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  • The Vitamin That Makes You Remember Your Dreams

    Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

    Or, like most people, do you have a vague memory of dreaming but can’t quite remember what happened?

    We all dream every night. But studies have found we forget 95% of them.1!--more--

    But new researc...

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  • Why I’m Not Passing on Dessert Anymore

    I don’t normally condone eating sugary snacks. And I still believe that soda and other sugar-laden processed foods among the worst things you can put in your mouth.

    But I’m intrigued by a new study. It shows that sugar–in very small doses–can giv...

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  • Here’s What High Blood Pressure Does to Your Brain

    If your doctor has warned you about high blood pressure, he probably told you it was bad for your heart.

    But brand-new research shows that healthy blood pressure may be even more important to another vital organ…your brain.!--more--

    The study sh...

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  • The Amazing Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

    If you have chronic pain, you might find relief in the strangest place…

    The prestigious British Medical Journal published a case study recently about a man who cured his chronic nerve pain by jumping into a cold lake. A botched surgery had left h...

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  • You’re Peeing Away Your Health

    What good is a supplement if you’re just going to pee it all out?

    This is one of the biggest criticisms of supplements. And it’s a valid concern. Many low-quality supplements pass right through you—from top to bottom—without doing a darn thing. T...

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  • Don’t Fall for the Low-Fat Trap

    For decades, doctors told us that a low-fat diet was the best way to lose weight. Eggs, avocados, and butter were on the “do not eat” list. On the nutrition label, all anyone cared about was fat content…

    The closer to zero, the better.!--more--


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