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  • 3 Candy Alternatives That Boost Your Health

    If you love Halloween candy as much as I do, I hate to rain on your parade… But a new study shows a diet high in sugar can harm your liver—even if you’re otherwise healthy.

    The study followed 25 middle-aged men for three months. Half followed a h...

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  • Skipping Breakfast Is Bad For Your Heart

    We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But a new study proves there’s more to that adage.

    The research followed more than 4,000 middle-aged people in Spain. Scientists separated them into three groups based on their brea...

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  • Research Confirms: High-Carb Diets Kill

    It surprises me that even with all the research about the benefits of a high-fat diet…many doctors still demonize fat—while ignoring the dangers of carbs.

    Well, this new study should catch their attention.!--more--

    Researchers at Canada’s McMast...

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  • 3 Weird Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

    Doctors call high blood pressure (or hypertension) the “silent killer.” That’s because it usually doesn’t show obvious symptoms until it’s too late.

    But sometimes, our bodies may display seemingly unrelated warning signs that our blood pressure i...

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  • Arthritis Pain? Eat More Fiber for Relief

    If you’ve got knee pain, you may get major relief from adding a little fiber to your diet.

    In two recent studies, researchers observed thousands of knees of osteoarthritis sufferers over several years. They found people who ate less fiber repor...

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  • The Truth About Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold brew coffee is all the rage. You may have noticed it on the menu at your local coffee shop. It’s now sold at the major chain coffee shops and at your grocery store.

    But what is it, exactly? Does it offer the same kick as regular coffee? And ...

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  • Mediterranean Diet Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers

    A rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis can be devastating. It’s painful. There is no known cure. And to add insult to injury, it’s all because your own body is attacking itself.

    RA occurs when your immune system mistakenly fights the tissue in y...

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  • Natural Ways to Eliminate Embarrassing Body Odor

    Body odor is a bit of a taboo topic… But there are natural ways to avoid this embarrassing problem.

    The personal care industry is certainly not lacking in fancy, chemical-laden deodorants. In fact, smelly sprays, creams, and powders seem to exi...

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  • This Little Fruit Packs MAJOR Cancer-Fighting Power

    Both resveratrol and grape seed extract are well-known antioxidants. Many people take them as supplements to help with cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and inflammation. But even more impressive is their anti-cancer power.1 2!--more--


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  • These Carcinogens Are Right Under Your Nose

    How do they get laundry detergent to smell so good?

    More than likely, that bright, beautiful scent comes from chemicals. And not just any chemicals… Ones that come from cancer-causing crude oil.

    These chemicals aren’t just linked to cancer. Th...

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