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  • Eat This to Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a devastating disease with no known cure. It affects more than 400,000 people in the United States. Most people with MS get it between ages 20 and 40… But you can develop it at any age.

    Doctors don’t know exactly what causes...

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  • Can CoQ10 Reverse Diabetes?

    New research shows that increasing your CoQ10 levels could reverse insulin resistance. It could even mean wiping out pre-diabetes and diabetes altogether.

    The large study involved both animal and human tissue testing. Researchers found insulin re...

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  • Want a Better Smile? Drink Red Wine

    If you love a glass of red wine with dinner, I have good news.

    Red wine is not only healthy for your heart, weight, brain, and blood sugar…1 It may also be good for your teeth and gums.!--more--

    Researchers found the antioxidants in red wine aff...

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  • 3 Signs Your Thyroid Is Failing You… And How to Fix it

    Chances are you or someone you know has thyroid disease. An estimated 27 million Americans do—and it’s on the rise.1

    Half don’t even know they have it.2!--more--

    Thyroid disease has many different causes… But perhaps the most common—and preventa...

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  • Alcohol Helps Your Brain Detox

    A new study shows that a moderate amount of alcohol can help wash away dangerous waste from the brain. This may help prevent Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

    The brain cleans itself by way of the glymphatic system. It pumps a small amount...

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  • Drink Hot Tea to Ward Off Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is a devastating disease affecting almost 60 million people.1 It can cause eye pain, tunnel vision, and even irreversible vision loss.2

    It occurs when pressure builds inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve. Sometimes, you won’t experie...

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  • Nature’s Five-Nutrient Combo for More Energy

    A new study shows that there’s a five-nutrient combo that boosts energy naturally.

    Researchers measured subjects’ performance on various physical tests, including three-mile run time and 25-minute distance on a stationary bike. For the next mon...

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  • Amino Acid Reignites Testosterone Production

    When testosterone levels dip in middle age, men stop feeling like themselves. You feel weak, tired, depressed, and lack sex drive.1

    In other words, everything that used to make you feel manly starts to drift away.!--more--

    Worse yet, you’re le...

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  • Happy Gut, Happy Colon

    If you think kids are picky eaters… Just wait until you hear how picky your gut bacteria are.

    There are billions of them living in your digestive system. If they don’t get enough of this nutrient, they can damage your colon.!--more--


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  • Fruit Compound May Reverse Lung Damage

    Two tomatoes a day keep lung cancer away? A new study reveals the amazing powers tomatoes—and other fruits—have on lung health.!--more--

    The study looked at the diets of 650 people. They compared that against the results of a spirometry test. (It...

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