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It Saves Your Life Everyday

Your immune system saves your life every day.

You’re exposed to more than 100 million germs each day. Each has the potential to sicken or even kill you. Your immune system recognizes almost all of them and destroys them before they can harm you.

You can see why it’s important to get the proper nutrients to keep your disease-defense system in tip-top condition, especially during flu season.

One of the most crucial is L-glutamine.

L-Glutamine (pronounced ell-GLOO-tuh-meen) is an amino acid, a molecule that serves as a building block for proteins. It’s naturally made in your body. But often you need more than your body can produce.

L-glutamine is a critical source of fuel for immune cells.[1]

Your immune system won’t work well when it lacks L-glutamine.[2]

Let’s look at the research regarding L-glutamine supplementation…

A study published in the Chinese Medical Sciences Journal divided 40 surgery patients into two groups. Researchers gave one group L-glutamine supplements mixed with their food for a week before surgery. The control group did not get L-glutamine.

After surgery, markers for immune system function were better in the L-glutamine group. An infection spread in the control group. The L-glutamine patients did not get it.[3]

A strong immune system is especially important for critically ill people. Researchers from Britain’s University of Liverpool gave L-glutamine to 42 severely sick hospital patients and a placebo to 42 others. After six months, 24 of the L-glutamine patients were still alive. But just 14 of the placebo patients survived. The placebo group also stayed in the ICU longer.[4]

A study from the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition looked at patients who had bone marrow transplants. Researchers gave half L-glutamine. Among the non-L-glutamine patients, nearly half got infections. But less than a third of the L-glutamine patients did.[5]

Research published in the Journal of Critical Care looked at patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). That’s a potentially life-threatening inflammatory reaction to trauma, burns, or infections. Patients who took L-glutamine had less inflammation and recovered faster.[6]

L-glutamine is safe, even at high doses. You can get it from high-protein foods, mainly meats, dairy, eggs, quinoa, and nuts.

But to get a consistent therapeutic dose, you need a supplement. They are available from online retailers and health food stores.

Your immune system is a true miracle of nature. Make sure to keep it fed with plenty of L-glutamine.

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