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Joint Support

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  1. PrimeFlex-5

    Soothe your stiff, achy joints

    Don’t sit out on that round of golf…a bike ride with the family…or anything else you enjoy because you might regret it the next day. We’ve formulated PrimeFlex-5 so that you can keep living the active life you want.

    PrimeFlex-5 helps you combat years of everyday wear and tear—so your joints feel smooth, easy, and youthful. It also helps provide relief to your overworked hands, knees, and hips. And it helps protect them from more every day wear and tear. Because no matter what your age, you’re far from done using them.

    And it’s not too late to give your joints the support they need.

  2. CannaComplete

    CannaComplete – the superior hemp extract product

    Hemp extract is the most revolutionary health breakthrough on the planet – but despite all of the news, there’s a lot of questions. Most importantly – where can I get a hemp extract product I can trust?

    Studies have shown an astounding 70% of hemp extract products don’t contain what they advertise.

    And those that do typically come as a brown, messy oil – complete with a foul taste like moldy grass.

    At New Summit Nutritionals, we’ve been supplement experts for over 25 years.

    Every bottle of CannaComplete encapsulates the power of full spectrum hemp extract in an easy to swallow and carry with you pill.  Plus our famous quality control standards guarantee that what’s on the label is in the bottle.

    It is produced using only high-grade US-grown organic hemp and features the revolutionary full-spectrum extract Cannabid-ALL™.

    Every dose is extracted using proprietary Whole Hemp, Low Temp Technology to optimize the complete range of bioactive compounds found in hemp.

    This means you get the full benefits of the whole plant as nature intended – including the antioxidant power of terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll.

    No other product can deliver on such a promise.

    *Currently available only in the U.S.

  3. Natrileve

    Support your healthy joints– with no drugs and no side effects

    Whether it’s in your knees, hips, elbows or shoulders – aching, overworked joints can make even the simplest activities a nightmare. But you can end the nightmare. Natrileve is a joint-supporting formula containing a specialized ingredient shown to safely and naturally improve joint stiffness by 86%, improve joint function by 41%, and slash overall joint pain by 40%.

    Natrileve works directly in your joints to help:

    • Soothe overworked, aging joints
    • Relieve occasional discomfort and stiffness from normal activity
    • Support joint flexibility and range of motion
    • Help protect against everyday wear and tear
    • Promote a healthy inflammatory response
    • Give your body the building blocks it needs for healthy joints
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