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  1. Proluxan

    Real prostate relief—starting NOW.

    Proluxan is the prostate health breakthrough that helps deliver fast relief.

    With Proluxan on your side, you could:

    • Empty your bladder more completely—no more long and embarrassing trips to the bathroom in the middle of the big game.
    • Enjoy the surge of a strong, powerful stream—less dribbling, less standing over the toilet, less trips back and forth.
    • Enjoy every day, and every activity to the fullest—without the nagging "gotta go" feeling, or worrying where the bathrooms are.
    • Feel like the man you used to be—whether it's in the bedroom or on the links, you'll be the one fully in charge again.

    And most important, Proluxan doesn't quit working at your prostate. It can help support your entire urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys.

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