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Natural Ways to Eliminate Embarrassing Body Odor

Body odor is a bit of a taboo topic… But there are natural ways to avoid this embarrassing problem.

The personal care industry is certainly not lacking in fancy, chemical-laden deodorants. In fact, smelly sprays, creams, and powders seem to exist for every body part.

The problem is, they’re only temporary. Once they wear off, you’re left with the same stinky problem. The key is to identify the true causes of body odor…and then attack them from the inside-out.

Here are a few surprising things that can contribute to unpleasant odors…

Foods: Pork and beef are high in the amino acid carnitine. When excess carnitine collects in the intestines, a special enzyme sweeps in to clean it out. But if you don’t make enough of this enzyme, your skin might produce a fishy smell.1

Caffeinated beverages might also cause body odor. So can spicy foods. They both stimulate sweat glands.2

Antiperspirants: Talk about a vicious cycle… Antiperspirants stop your sweat glands from working properly. This can cause—or contribute to—bad smells.3

Medications: Aspirin and acetaminophen can cause excess sweating, which can lead to body odor.4

So, you know to avoid certain foods, medications and chemical products… But what else can you do to make sure you don’t carry a funky personal aura?

Try a green supplement. Look for powdered wheatgrass. It contains chlorophyll, a natural deodorizer.5 Add it to juice or smoothies.

Stay away from antiperspirants. To combat armpit odor, make sure the label on your deodorant doesn’t say “antiperspirant.” The fewer ingredients, the better.

Take a probiotic. As with many health conditions, body odor may originate in the gut. If you’ve got an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, it may be hard for your body to break down certain kinds of foods. And that can work its way from the inside-out.6

Probiotic supplements can be the answer. But a word of caution: many of them are useless. Why? It’s because they’re missing two crucial ingredients…

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