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One Supplement Fights America’s Top Two Killers

If you don’t have heart disease or cancer, you likely know someone who does…or did.

They are the two top causes of death in the U.S. They kill more Americans than all other illnesses combined.

Most people know that you can reduce your risk of both diseases with exercise and eating a healthy diet. But few people know about a compound that may be the single most effective supplement to prevent cancer and heart disease.

It’s called hesperidin (pronounced hess-PARE-uh-din).

It’s a type of compound called a bioflavonoid. It’s mainly derived from citrus fruits…especially oranges and tangerines.

3 Ways Hesperidin Can Help You

Let’s look at how science says hesperidin improves your health…

  1. As an antioxidant. Excess free radicals cause oxidative stress. Damage caused by oxidative stress can lead to heart disease and cancer. Research shows hesperidin works as a scavenger, removing free radicals from your body.[i]
  1. Heart protector. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at 24 overweight men. Researchers gave some a combination of orange juice and hesperidin. The other group drank orange juice with a placebo. After four weeks, the hesperidin group’s blood pressure dropped.[ii]A study published in the journal Free Radical Research looked at aging rats with weakened hearts. Scientists gave the animals hesperidin for 90 days. The animals’ heart tissue became healthier. Their levels of inflammation and oxidative stress dropped.[iii]
  1. Cancer fighter. A review in the journal Life Sciences looked at the mechanisms behind cancer-fighting effects of hesperidin. Researchers found that the compound stopped tumor growth in lung cancer cells. It also inhibited the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors.[iv]A study in Phytotherapy Research reviewed lab studies involving hesperidin. It found hesperidin protects against oncogenes. They’re a type of gene that prompts cells to turn into tumor cells.[v]

An animal study at Brazil’s University of Caxias do Sul found that hesperidin reduced the incidence of colon cancer.[vi]

The only notable side effect of hesperidin is that it can sometimes worsen bleeding. So if you’re taking a blood thinner or aspirin, you should be careful. Check with your doctor before taking it.

Hesperidin supplements are available from online retailers and health food stores. It’s often combined with diosmin, a related compound with similar properties. Follow directions on the bottle for proper dosage.

Cancer and heart disease statistics are grim. Take hesperidin to lower your odds of having to face the two biggest threats to your life.

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