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Prime Performance

Quick Overview

Surging desire, enhanced sensitivity, strong erections, and the best orgasms of your life.

With Prime Performance, you get everything you need to deliver the performance of a lifetime—no matter how long it’s been. Prime Performance is formulated with natural, science-backed nutrients that can help you:

  • Feel the surging desire for scorching hot sex…
  • Spring to attention—And watch as her eyes light up…
  • Keep a strong, lasting erection—For all-night fantasies with intense climaxes…
  • Feel the energy and stamina to send her to new heights of pleasure…

...whenever you want.

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Put a Rocket in Your Pocket and Stand By for Lift Off
Fasten your seatbelt for overpowering desire…robust erections…and earth-shaking sexual stamina. Here’s how to launch your sex life into orbit:

Well, if you’ve been grounded on the launch pad lately, you’re about to get cleared for LIFT OFF.

With the simple secret you’re about to discover, you’ll be able to…

  • Feel the surging desire for sex the moment your wife gives you that special look…that quickly ripples down your body where you…

  • Spring to attention—ready to perform—and take her all the way, thanks to…

  • A strong, lasting erection that will have you both panting in ecstasy, and…

  • The energy and stamina to send her to new heights of pleasure—the kind that she’ll never get enough of.

It’s time to throw any sexual setbacks out the window and replace them with the bedroom (or sofa, or kitchen table) experience that will leave your wife counting the minutes until she can have you again.

But if you think you’re just “too old” to deliver that same kind of blow-her-mind sex that you used to…think again. In fact, those extra years of experience can only help you. And this secret was designed just for you.

So what’s it going to take to get you ready for blast-off?

That’s exactly what you’re about to discover. In the next few minutes you’ll find out how to keep her begging for more day after day…how to give her exactly what she wants …and how to make sure your rocket is always go for launch.

Sound like just a fantasy? Well, this is about to be your new reality. It all starts with sexual confidence and desire. And you can achieve that with…

The Warrior Root—from the battlefield to the bedroom

It was the secret behind the power of the Incan Imperial Warriors.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, they would eat this plant root before they conquered a city—and conquered their women.

By the 1500’s, it was so valuable, native Peruvians used it as currency.

The warrior root looks like this:

Maca Root

It’s called maca. No other plant in the world grows at higher altitudes—perfect for taking your sex life to new heights.

And talk about being a warrior…it can actually amplify your body’s ability to defend itself against physical and mental weakness. Both of which are vital to great sex.

Sometimes you just can’t get excited about sex. And not just physically…mentally too.

Well, modern-day Peruvians have studied that problem. They remembered the legends of their ancestors. And when volunteers at a research university in Lima took maca regularly for two months…they said their sexual desire came back.

Besides boosting libido and sex drive, people commonly take the warrior root for more energy, stamina, and feelings of well-being.

When you feel the power of’ll want to conquer your wife in bed…“pillaging” like an ancient Incan warrior.

And when that mental desire turns physical…when you go from zero to blast-off in a matter of seconds…well that’s thanks to the help of…

The “King of Herbs”
that can make you the king of the bedroom

5,000 years ago, way back when the first pharaohs were ruling Egypt...the King of Herbs was assisting in man’s age-old dilemma.

Translating sexual desire into a hard, physical reaction.

The King of Herbs was revered by kings, emperors, and the wealthy in the Far East. They believed it was a tonic to five internal organs: “quieting the animal spirits, stabilizing the soul, preventing fear, expelling the vicious energies, brightening the eye…and prolonging life.”

Except somewhere along the way someone found out it gave a boost to a sixth organ. It might have quieted the animal spirit—but it brought out the animal in the bedroom.

In fact, this was written about the King of Herbs in ancient Indian scriptures…

This herb will make thee so full of lusty strength
that thou shalt, when excited, exhale
heat as a thing of fire.

Is it getting hot in here?

That’s what your wife will think when you give her that look that sends a sizzle down her body.

The King of Herbs helps support an erection by helping blood to flow into your penis. That blood is what makes you hard.

Not to get scientific on you, but there are some really solid published studies on how well this works. In one done on 90 men in Seoul, Korea, “penile rigidity and girth, libido, and patient satisfaction were significantly higher” in the men taking it.

And living up to its name, besides giving you that lift in the bedroom, the King of Herbs is also used to help lower stress, maintain healthy cholesterol, increase mental sharpness, and support the immune system.

Red GinsengThat’s the all-around power to make you king of the sheets…with your wife worshiping at your feet.

Now, you may have heard of The King of Herbs before. It’s ginseng. Specifically, red ginseng.

You may have tried ginseng before. You may have even tried red ginseng and were less than impressed with the results.

You weren’t getting enough of the active ingredient to have an effect. Some brands only give a fraction of the amount really needed to go straight to your manhood and, well, get it ready for “blast off.”

And no one wants to pay a fortune for the highest doses or force dozens of pills down their throat.

It’s a problem our researchers run into a lot.

They investigated just about every so-called sex-boosting, erection-supporting product on the market. And they all left them feeling limp.

So after scouring the most successful human studies and working with doctors and research groups, We created our own. One they knew would work because it has the right amounts of the right ingredients.

It’s called Prime Performance—and it was specially designed to restore your potential for the most sweaty, explosive, long-lasting, and deeply satisfying sex of your life.

You are just going to love the look on your wife’s face when you make that her reality too.

We poured 1,500 mg of maca root and 300 mg of red ginseng into the formula.

When they go to work, you’ll not only crave sex like you did when you were young, but you’ll have support for the drive and stamina to deliver the goods like you did back then, too.

And the warrior root and King of Herbs are just half of what makes Prime Performance so effective!

Right dose + right ingredients = the best sex of your life!

We pinpointed FOUR natural sex boosters that empower a man to have:

Check Box An overwhelming desire for sex and newfound sensitivity for more intense pleasure.
Check Box The energy and stamina to please her—and yourself—for as long as you want.
Check Box Rock-hard erections that last…
Check Box That can lead to exhilarating, surging orgasms that leave you proud and powerful.

Once you start taking Prime Performance, you won’t hear “Not tonight” in your house again.

That’s because it has…

The key to strong, firm erections

But you need to know about nitric oxide (NO).

Some doctors call nitric oxide “the miracle molecule.” In the late 90’s, a team of researchers won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that NO helps dilate blood vessels—helping them relax, so blood can flow better.

And that’s key for keeping your sex life red hot. Because blood flow to the penis is what causes and keeps an erection.

When you start getting turned on, NO tells your blood vessels to relax so blood can flow freely. NO is what makes it possible for your penis to get the blood it needs to swell and stiffen.

And the third ingredient in Prime Performance is the NO activator. The amino acid L-arginine triggers NO production.

Arginine is a great support to your cardiovascular health, too. And you’ll need a strong heart to keep up with all the wild sex you’ll be enjoying.

Here’s the trick though. It’s a really big deal how much arginine you take. In one study where men took 500 mg for a couple weeks…nothing happened.

Yet some leading brands of arginine still contain a measly 500 mg. 1,000 tops.

No wonder these products—and you, if you take them—keep coming up short.

It’s pretty simple. The more arginine in your body, the more NO your body is going to make. That’s why Prime Performance packs a full 2,000 mg into every dose!

But hold on. The latest research reveals that when you pair arginine with its amino acid partner…the results are even more powerful.

It’s like adding another rocket booster to help you reach orbit even faster…

The double whammy for double the pleasure

Remember how I said that in order to get—and keep—an erection, your body needs nitric oxide (NO)?

And that NO is made by L-arginine?

Well, L-citrulline helps make extra arginine.

If that’s confusing, look at this simple chart:

Arginine → Nitric Oxide → Erection
Citrulline + Arginine → Even More Nitric Oxide → Harder, Longer Erections

So that’s even better blood flow, to help you get even harder, longer lasting erections for the best sex possible.

In fact, back in 2011 there was a group of research volunteers who took citrulline every day for a month. They had written down the number of times they usually had sex each month. And at the end of the study...the average number of times the men had sex each month went up 67%!

Those must’ve been some happy wives!

And that’s why Prime Performance includes 500 mg of citrulline to help pump up the arginine…your nitric oxide…and your manhood.

All four of these powerful ingredients give you what you need to deliver memorable performances…each and every time.

You’ll know they’re working each night when your wife wants to go to bed early—but not to sleep…and when you can’t wait to follow her.

The most powerful natural male support formula on the planet

The reason Prime Performance is able to do what it does for your libido, erection, stamina, and performance is that the four ingredients work better together than if you just took one. They tackle every step of your sexual performance.

Maca Root ignites your sexual desire…

Red Ginseng helps blood flow to your penis…

Arginine makes the NO to relax blood vessels so that blood can get there, giving you a firmer erection…

Citrulline boosts arginine, so you have plenty of NO for solid hard-ons that last even longer.

And you’ll never build up a tolerance to the ingredients in Prime Performance. You’ll never take it so long that it stops working as well. If anything, the longer you take it, the better it could work.

Maca helps the body defend itself against mental and physical weakness…Red ginseng has been shown to help lower stress and increase mental sharpness…Arginine is well known for its heart health benefits (especially for blood pressure)…and citrulline promotes healthy energy levels and endurance.

All of which can only create an even better sex life—making you feel like the man you want to be, all around, every day.

Your extra energy could help you make par on the links all day…and stay as iron-hard as a golf club while you pleasure your wife as long as she wants!

And you never have to tell her where your newfound sexual prowess came from. Believe me, when she falls back on the sheets trying to catch her breath…

She’s not going to care. She’s just going to want more. And more. And more.

And you’ll be more than willing—and able—to deliver.

​ ​ ​

"I like how it keeps me in desire and ready at all times and stronger in action. I like feeling ready for my wife all the time.”  
–Thom Hartwig in Reserve, NM

“I’m 82-years-old and I can still perform when required—and perform satisfactorily. My wife thinks it’s great at our age.”  
–Alton Wiley in Oakland, CA

“Energy and stamina has always been an issue with me since I work outside in the heat all day. Prime Performance seems to recharge my body and allows me to show my wife how much I care after a long day at work.”  –Barry Swift in Fish Creek, WI

“I can sustain an erection for longer. I’m ready when my partner is.”  –Mel Fritch in Auburn, KY
“Prime Performance gives me all the energy I want and need. It’s the only product I’ve found that truly lives up to its promotion benefits.”  –Charles Hearne, in Santa Rosa, CA
“Prime Performance tops everything. I can’t put into words how it has improved my sex life.”  –Kent Keene in St. Cloud, MN

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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