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Soothe your stiff, achy joints—GUARANTEED

Don’t sit out on that round of golf…a bike ride with the family…or anything else you enjoy because you might regret it the next day. We’ve formulated PrimeFlex-5 so that you can keep living the active life you want.

PrimeFlex-5 helps you combat years of everyday wear and tear—so your joints feel smooth, easy, and youthful. It also helps provide relief to your overworked hands, knees, and hips. And it helps protect them from more every day wear and tear. Because no matter what your age, you’re far from done using them.

And it’s not too late to give your joints the support they need.

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Even if your joints have been disappointed by glucosamine before—Read on! Because breakthrough studies show...
You can only unlock the true cartilage building, joint-soothing strength of glucosamine when you combine it with one special compound. And it’s not chondroitin. This power combo improved comfort
and flexibility by 80%.
And when you throw in this third surprising ingredient…
“My right shoulder was giving me grief. But in about a week I began to notice an improvement. I was able to complete a strength workout without even thinking about my shoulder!”

When it comes to natural joint health, glucosamine is practically a household name.

It doesn’t simply mask symptoms or offer temporary relief. It actually helps grow healthy new cartilagefor cushioned, flexible, comfortable joints.

But until now, glucosamine wasn’t living up to its promise. Some people feel it takes too long to kick in. Others don’t think it works at all.

Maybe you’ve tried it and didn’t feel the results you were hoping for.

And if glucosamine didn’t do it for you I’m not surprised. Because…

In order to get the most of glucosamine’s power, you MUST combine it with two other nutrients...and they’re not chondroitin.

The first is the ninth most abundant element on Earth. But I bet you never would have considered ingesting it for any health reason—including for your joints.

Yet in a double-blind, placebo controlled study, glucosamine was tested alone and in combination with this other natural, joint-soothing element, against a placebo.

At the end of just three months, the glucosamine group showed a 63% improvement in comfort...but combined with this other compound, comfort improved by almost 80%.

80% more comfort—that’s practically back to normal: Sliding smoothly out of bed in the morning…moving freely throughout your day…and getting a deep, restful, sleep—uninterrupted by achy joints.

And for flexibility, glucosamine showed a 64% improvement on its own. But when combined?

The group that took both glucosamine and the special compound showed a 90% improvement in comfort!

Just think—in only a matter of weeks, you could be living with 90% of your youthful movement.

If you thought your years of dancing ‘til dawn were behind you—think again.

But the benefits didn’t end there. At the end of the study, people reported excellentint function, ease of movement, and a healthy inflammatory response.

So what was this “secret” ingredient that researchers combined with glucosamine to get such impressive results?

It’s sulfur. But not that rotten-egg-smelling sulfur you might be thinking of. This is a unique form that can help improve joint comfort by almost 50% in just 12 weeks.

It can also help provide up to 70% relief on your overworked body.

And that’s all by itself…before combining it with glucosamine.

Your body uses sulfur to produce enzymes and antioxidants. It’s a key ingredient in all proteins, and helps keep your hair, skin, and nails strong. So it’s really no surprise that this very special form of sulfur is so good for your joints.

It’s called methylsulfonylmethate—MSM for short.

It’s an organic form that your joints will love, because…

MSM goes to work fast, helping you play all 18 holes of golf without letting a stiff back or tight shoulders interrupt your game…

…helping you enjoy knitting, sewing, crocheting, or playing cards without thinking about your hands…

And MSM is considered one of the safest natural substances in the world.

You see, it’s all about combining the right compounds in the right dosages. Like Martin D. who explained, “I’d been taking a product for joint comfort. It helped. But I still had a problem with my shoulder hurting. But after taking this power combo, I notice a huge difference and even less aches and pains.”

Before you know it, you’ll…

  • Stroll through the zoo with your grandkids, around the block after dinner, or spend hours in the museum—this unique nutrient combination promotes a healthy inflammatory response (crucial for comfortable joints) so you never have to miss out because your body won’t keep up.

  • Compete in morning tennis doubles, break out that woodworking project, or keep up with your exercise routine—more mobility means going through your day the way you want to, rather than how you have to.

  • Pop jars, button shirts, even thread a needle without a second thought—because a daily serving of these natural joint soothers can ensure real, lasting comfort—so your daily tasks are a snap.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what Nick F. from Silver Spring, Maryland thought at first. But then he told us:

"My joints and hips are much less achy and sore. The combination seems to work!"

And in no time at all, you’ll join Nick and the thousands of others that’ve used this combination to get real joint-strengthening results.

Because you’re about to discover the other “super-compound” that soothes joints and ignites the power of glucosamine.

Its story starts in the 1890s. European settlers were arriving in New Zealand by the thousands. Exposing the original inhabitants of New Zealand—the native Maori people—to Western ailments like smallpox, flu, and German measles.

While many Maori tribes were decimated, the tribes living closest to the coast weren’t hit as hard. They seemed better at fighting off these new germs. They were also much more physically active, well into old age.

Many at the time attributed the coastal Maori’s exceptional health to the green-lipped mussels they fished from their clean waters—that made up the majority of their diet. 

But for over a century, it was nothing more than folklore. And the life-giving power of these mussels remained hidden to the Western world.

That is until modern studies revealed that…

These mussels hold a secret to joint health that could outperform almost everything else!

When scientists cracked open these mussels they found something they never expected.

It turns out that these unique green-lipped mussels are packed to the brim with vital amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

But what really makes them the perfect food for healthy joints is that they have inside of them the “Holy Trinity” of joint relief:

The first is chondroitin sulfates. Just because chondroitin and glucosamine alone isn’t enough to jump-start your joints, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Chondroitin is a major component of the cartilage that surrounds your joints. It helps cartilage stay lubricated—so movement is always smooth and comfortable.

Plus, it protects cartilage from breaking down—something that happens to all of us as we age. Even better, it provides the building blocks for healthy, strong new cartilage to grow. That bears repeating. The chondroitin in green-lipped mussel actually helps you grow new cartilage. So you can avoid that “fingernails on a blackboard” feeling.
The second nutrient in green-lipped mussel is hyaluronic acid. It’s the main component of the protective fluid that surrounds your joints. That fluid…

  • Prevents joint friction by keeping them well-lubricated. Ever heard the sound of a creaky knee? Well that’s likely the result of too little fluid. Just like with a squeaky door hinge, your joints need grease to bend and flex with ease.

  • Acts like a shock absorber for your joints. It actually gets thicker whenever your joints are under pressure and need extra protection. So if you’re climbing the stairs, or out for a jog—your knees don’t take a beating.

  • Bathes your joint cartilage in nourishing oxygen and nutrients. If it weren’t for this amazing liquid, cartilage would literally starve to death. It also helps wash away toxins and waste from around the joints. Keeping them clean, clear, and flexible.

The fluid around your joints is their “lifeblood”. And without enough hyaluronic acid, it’ll dry up as you age. Luckily green-lipped mussel is chockfull of it. Along with…

Omega-3 fatty acids. You already know how important omega-3s are for your heart, brain, eyes, and overall health. But they’re also a blessing for your joints. That’s because they promote healthy inflammation. We usually think about inflammation as a bad thing. But really, you just have to keep it in balance to stay comfortable.

These three vital nutrients are already inside every single green-lipped mussel. Better yet, you don’t have to actually eat them—you can get it as an extract.

And when you combine it with glucosamine…

Well just look at what happened in a 2009 German study where scientists looked at glucosamine combined with the kind of omega-3s found in green-lipped mussel…compared to just glucosamine alone.

And just like when you combine glucosamine with MSM, the combo worked better. Especially on that every day kind of stuff like the discomfort in your lower body after a full day on your feet…then waking up limber in the morning.

Glucosamine and MSM…glucosamine and green-lipped mussel…

Glucosamine with BOTH at the same time means the ultimate in cartilage building, joint-cushioning power and pain relief. And in far less time than you ever imagined.

New Summit Nutritionals scours the planet in search of real natural health breakthroughs that work. Uncovering stories of local medicine men in some of the most remote villages on the planet…and research from the most state-of-the-art laboratories technology has to offer.

Our recommendations are backed by centuries of successful use and modern, scientific studies that show real results.

And you’ll be excited to learn that, when it comes to this next-level joint health solution, you’ll get the best of both.

Instead of having to crack open three different supplement bottles every few hours to get maximum power…

We’ve combined this full-body healing trio in a one-of-a-kind joint health solution called PrimeFlex-5.

Forget any other glucosamine supplement you’ve tried. Now you know why it didn’t work. You didn’t have the triple nutrient combo you really need to make your joints feel great—or, really, not feel them at all!

We picked the strongest ingredients to deliver real joint support…as fast as possible.

In no time at all you’ll realize exactly why Sarah G. of Morristown, New Jersey said:

“My husband has lots of joint concerns and has really noticed a lot of difference in his joints and knees. Since we have started using Prime-Flex 5 we both feel so much better and do not ache as much. We would for sure recommend this to everyone.”

You’ll continue to feel limber and flexible—ready to dive into each and every day with the energy you thought was long gone. 

Accept invitations with the confidence that your joints will support all you want to do.

As days and weeks pass, don’t be surprised if that morning stiffness begins melting away. And the activities you love—walking, biking, tennis or golf, dancing, gardening—feel as fun and natural as they always have.

Imagine—loving the way your body moves no matter how old you are.

Just like the happy, active, men and women who’ve already had a chance to try PrimeFlex-5 do:

“I am impressed with how fast it helped. My joints feel better—I’m more active and comfortable.” –Marcie A., Staten Island, NY

“It gives me energy and helps with discomfort. I began to feel a difference the first day!” – Joan R., Shawnee, KS

But we wouldn’t call it PrimeFlex-5 with just three ingredients. There’s more to the story.

Stories of this unique compound date back to 4 B.C.…when it was valued higher than gold

It can only be found in the sap of a tree that grows in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

And for thousands of years, this dried sap was one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. It was so precious, it was reserved only for kings, pharaohs, and the most powerful rulers.

The Egyptians and Israelites called it Frankincense. They burned it as incense and used it in religious ceremonies of the highest order. It was also used to treat all manner of afflictions.

But it wasn’t until roughly 2005 that researchers from India to Germany, the U.S., and more, began proving that this tree sap—known as boswellia to scientists—may hold the key to lasting, natural joint flexibility, mobility, and comfort.

In fact…

After just 90 days, people who added this ancient compound to their regular joint care showed a decrease in an enzyme that damages cartilage.

By helping to slow the natural wear and tear on joints, it gives the body a chance to build healthy new cartilage. So you can enjoy easy, fluid mobility.

The same study also showed vast improvements in both comfort and flexibility.

So naturally, boswellia was a vital addition to PrimeFlex-5. Plus, modern extraction techniques help us deliver…

10 times the joint soothing power—for better, faster, long-lasting comfort and mobility.

Because boswellia is so expensive, there are plenty of shady companies out there selling the weakest stuff they can find. That’s why PrimeFlex-5 delivers a superior, concentrated form of boswellia.

It’s standardized to ensure the highest quality and consistency—in a form that’s easy for your body to absorb. Giving you up to 10 times the joint-soothing power of typical boswellia.

This proprietary boswellia extract has been shown to help:

  • Support a healthy inflammatory response, healthy, balanced inflammation is key to keeping you moving comfortably and free—able to focus on a fun, active lifestyle, instead of how your joints feel.

  • Reduce the production of two cartilage-damaging enzymes—so your joints remain healthy, strong, and flexible.

  • Protect that healthy new cartilage—so every joint from your neck to your toes stays flexible and limber…in hot months, cold months, while you’re moving, or at rest.

From the moment you hop out of bed in the morning until you kick off your shoes at night.

You don’t have to think about stiffness or discomfort for another moment longer!

The powerful ingredients in PrimeFlex-5 are designed to go to work from day one. Giving you relief from the stiffness and discomfort that come with regular wear and tear.

In no time at all, don’t be surprised if you start to…

  • Feel limber, flexible, and comfortable as healthy inflammation helps you chase after your grandkids or take your dog on the long walk he deserves.

  • Bend, stretch, and tackle your daily tasks with ease, as lubricated joints offer continual mobility.

  • Book that vacation with confidence—knowing your joints are strong, supple, and durable as you walk down the cobblestone streets of London or climb the stairs in Mykonos.

Unlike today’s mainstream, TV commercial standbys—offering a temporary fix for a problem that typically only gets worse over time—PrimeFlex-5 is designed to offer true long-term joint health. And in record time.

Promoting real comfort, and helping you build healthy new cartilage.

So we added one more nutrient our research team identified as being absolutely essential for healthy joints. Manganese is a mineral that helps repair and support connective tissue.

It helps your body create collagen and “joint glue.” You need both for healthy cartilage and bones.

And—once again—it’s the combination that makes all the difference. When you pair manganese with glucosamine, you could get even better relief. Not just by a little bit either.

That’s why manganese rounds out the “top 5” powerful, joint-nourishing compounds you need for ultimate comfort, mobility, and flexibility.

You’ll be able to count the ingredients on each finger of your hand…as you flex and feel the silky smooth effects of each ingredient working for you together—to get at the root cause of your joint concerns.

And remember…

You can try PrimeFlex-5 for as long as you need—absolutely RISK-FREE

*Users were given a coupon toward a future purchase to share their experience.
"As with all things you often don't know if it's really working for you or not until you run out of the product before you get more both my husband and I realized then that we do not ever want to be without PrimeFlex-5!"  –Helen Holley in Yuma, AZ
"All of my joints feel better now, but I’ve had a huge improvement in my hips!  I’m thrilled with how PrimeFlex-5 has helped me. I recommended it to everyone!"  –Elliot Morris in Chappaqua, NY
"I can finally kneel and get up with a lot less discomfort and trouble. I can walk and bend much easier now too. I recommend PrimeFlex-5 for anyone with stiff and uncomfortable joints."  –Fred Sears in Memphis, TN
"PrimeFlex-5 is a wonderful product. My parents and friends use it and they’re amazed at their improvement in comfort and movement. It improves every day activities."  –Jenna Kramer in West Palm Beach, FL 
"PrimeFlex-5 is a Godsend and a miracle."  –Gertrude Steller in San Diego, CA


Contains: Crustacean shellfish (Shrimp & Crab)

Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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