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ProControl PM

The powerful supplement for men to help reduce nightly bathroom visits and sleep through the night.

Featuring Flowens®, a natural extract clinically shown to improve symptoms like:

  • Frequency of urination
  • Urgency to go
  • Nighttime peeing
  • Poor stream, dribbling, hesitating
  • Feeling like you didn’t empty your bladder

Plus a blend of natural nutrients designed to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

With ProControl PM, you can cut back on excessive trips to the bathroom and wake refreshed, ready to take on each day.

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Ingredients L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Flowens® 100% Cranberry Fruit Solids, Passionflower Extract, Tart Cherry Extract, Valerian Root Extract
Health Concern Antioxidants, Anti-Aging, Mens Health, New Products, Sleep Support, Stress
"In just two days I was sleeping twice as long!" –Joel Marchionne in Plano, TX
"It makes me more relaxed." –Stephen Wilcox in River Falls, WI
"It’s helping me fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night. It’s worth giving a try." –Scott Buckley in St. Louis, MO
"ProControl PM helps me sleep through the night." –Dan Weisberg in Hartford, CT