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Quick Overview

Real Prostate Relief—Starting NOW

Proluxan is the new prostate health breakthrough that helps deliver fast relief.
With Proluxan on your side, you could:

  • Empty your bladder more completely—No more long and embarrassing trips to the bathroom in the middle of the big game.
  • Enjoy the surge of a strong, powerful stream—Less dribbling, less standing over the toilet, less trips back and forth.
  • Enjoy every day, and every activity to the fullest—Without the nagging "gotta go" feeling, or worrying where the bathrooms are.
  • Feel like the man you used to be—Whether it's in the bedroom or on the links, you'll be the one fully in charge again.

Proluxan also helps support a healthy inflammatory response—which is essential to prostate health now and down the road.

And most important, Proluxan doesn't quit working at your prostate. It can help support your entire urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys.

No other product can offer the total, effective, fast support that Proluxan can. This just might be the most important prostate breakthrough of the century…

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Human study uncovers a natural breakthrough that could deliver…

Ultimate prostate relief

So you can…


 SLEEP through the night

and PEE like a STALLION


Whether you’re a scrappy 135-pounds, or a 6’4, 250-pound beast—there’s one small thing that can bring any man down—a swelling prostate.

When you’re a young man, this potent gland is the size of a walnut. But around middle-age it begins to grow. By the time you’re 60, it can often grow to the size of a lemon.

The pressure it causes makes it hard to go. You can also forget about getting the strong stream you used to. And no matter how you try, or how often you go, you never feel fully relieved. You’re up at night—then cranky and tired all day. You can’t relax because you’re always uncomfortable.

Whether you’re in the middle of the back-nine, in bed with your lady, or trying to get a good night’s sleep—your prostate can ruin your fun.

You end up run-down, frustrated, and worst of all—embarrassed.

But all that ends—starting today.

You’re about to discover a new natural solution for ultimate prostate relief—starting in as little as 30 minutes. YES—just 30 minutes. And that’s backed up by human clinical studies.

But the relief doesn’t stop there. Because once you’re sitting back, relaxing again—it keeps on working for all-day comfort and long-term protection.

Unlike everything you’ve ever seen or tried, this new breakthrough goes right to the root of your problem.

So if you’re ready to take back control and put an end to…

  • Nightly bed-to-bathroom marathons that leave you worn out and frustrated in the morning
  • Spending your days with that “gotta go” feeling—afraid to go where you want because you won’t be close enough to a men’s room…
  • And those sexual flops that leave both you and your woman unsatisfied

Then you’re about to be very happy. Because this easy solution systematically attacks every single prostate concern you have.

It all begins with a forgotten chapter in medical history…

The Secrets of the Cherokee Pain Remedy

Long before you could grab a bottle of pills to banish a headache… The Cherokee used this sacred plant to relieve their daily aches and pains.

Their medicine men even prescribed it as a tonic to aid the kidneys and bladder.

It also has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. King Henry VIII of England banned its use at his royal court… He was afraid it would cause sinful behavior. Yes, Henry VIII! The man famous for marrying six different women (and beheading two)…while still enjoying countless mistresses.

But, sex aside (don’t worry—we’ll get back to that in a moment), this plant caught the attention of an elite group of researchers in California.

They discovered a way to create a special extract from its most potent parts. In a word—they “perfected” it.

Next, they needed to see how well it worked for real people. So each study participant received one single dose of this extract. And in no time, they were all stunned…

In just 30 minutes this extract was already bringing down a major pain-causing enzyme called COX-2.  

But COX-2 doesn’t just cause pain—it also makes a chemical called prostaglandin E2 (PGE-2). Which causes swelling in your prostate. And studies also show it triggers an overactive bladder.

So if you feel like you need to go all the time, but it doesn’t want to come out—you can blame PGE-2.

But now in as little as 30 minutes, as PGE-2 levels come down—you can be comfortable and relaxed. Not in and out of the john all night. Not in pain, feeling blocked and uncomfortable.

And there’s more good news. Not only did this extract get to work fast—it had staying power.

Hour after hour, the researchers watched in astonishment as COX-2 stayed down. All the way through their entire nine-hour test period—this extract never quit working.

And their astonishment didn’t end there. Because…

While this potent extract reduced COX-2, it barely touched levels of the enzyme COX-1. That’s critically important because it means you get…

Clinically backed relief that’s gentle on your gut

You see, COX-1 protects the lining of your gastrointestinal tract. It’s essential for a healthy stomach. And it’s a known fact that most COX-2 inhibitors crush COX-1 levels.

If you’ve ever had stomach pain and digestive problems while taking other products, that’s the reason why.

So until now, if you needed quick relief that didn’t hurt your gut—and let’s face it, that’s EXACTLY what you need—you were flat out of luck.

Just imagine… In only 30 minutes, you could be on the road to relief… No more sitting around for days, weeks—even months—waiting to feel if those other remedies start working…or worrying about their unwanted side effects.

No more sleepless nights filled with frustrating trips to and from the bathroom…

No more restlessness and aggravation just trying to relieve yourself…

In no time at all you could be saying:

Ahhhh the RELEASE!”

The research on this powerful extract is stacked with astounding results. It not only goes to work fast, and lasts for at least 9 hours… It’s not only easy on your stomach, unlike traditional options…

It also provides effective, long-term support—Because this extract doesn’t quit at pain—it’s a powerful antioxidant that helps protect all your cells—especially in the prostate—for life.

It even helps support a healthy inflammatory response.

The result? Long-lasting relief and comfort, plus support for better prostate health now, and down the road.

GOD’S gift to MEN

This unique extract is covered by several U.S. and international patents. It’s made from hops—the same plant that gives beer its distinctive flavor.

But believe it or not, ancient brewmasters didn’t add hops to beer for the flavor. No, they sought the powerful alpha acids in hops, because they have potent antioxidant power that prevents beer from spoiling.

And it’s those same alpha acids in this patented hops extract that give it the power to help guard your prostate.

If beer wasn’t enough, it’s now safe to say that hops is truly God’s gift to men.

Of course, not all hops extracts are created equal. This patented compound is made from non-GMO hops grown right here in the U.S., inspected by the USDA, and fully traceable to the farm where they were harvested. Only the finest quality will make an extract with results you can feel FAST.

But it’s just the first part of the breakthrough prostate solution. When you combine it with a handful of other science-backed nutrients, together they help you…

Empty your bladder more completely—no more long and embarrassing trips to the bathroom in the middle of the big game, or a good action movie.

End the “starts and stops”—and feel the relief of a powerful, continuous flow again.

Enjoy getting out of the house—without that nagging “gotta go” feeling, those sudden urges, or worrying if you’ll be close enough to a men’s room.

Feel like the man you used to be—whether it’s in the bedroom, on the road, or playing the course, you are fully in charge again.

And if that’s not enough, this extract doesn’t quit working at your prostate. It can help support your entire urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys.

This breakthrough combination of the patented hops extract and 5 other science-backed ingredients is called Proluxan. It combines the highest quality, non-gluten, non-GMO prostate-nourishing nutrients found anywhere on earth.

You already know that there are hundreds of prostate products out there that don’t really work. They promise the world, but end up being expensive failures that waste your time. Or worse, come with side effects.

That’s why we created Proluxan. Because unlike anything else you’ve ever tried, it delivers effective support you can feel in as little as 30 minutes. And that lasts all day… Guaranteed.

Just imagine, you could…

Sleep through the night—EVERY NIGHT

If you’ve woken up at night with the urge to pee…then had to stand over the toilet concentrating, trying to relax, only to get a dribble…then you know the misery. Your bladder never feels empty.

You toss and turn, trying to fight back the urge to pee again. Come morning, you’re exhausted and grumpy. And after more than a few nights of that, you’ll end up forgetful, foggy, and worn-out.

But with Proluxan you can sleep through the night and wake up clear-minded, refreshed, and raring to go again.

Here’s why…

We added the bark of a tree native to Africa to Proluxan. It’s called pygeum. But not just any pygeum, as you’ll see in a moment.

For thousands of years medicine men used it to treat bladder and urinary problems.

Today, a potent extract from this bark is widely used in Europe. In fact, it’s the most commonly prescribed prostate therapy in France.

And a glance at the research tells you why…

A European study followed 85 men taking pygeum for two months. The researchers measured how well it worked at helping with various markers of urinary flow. These are the symptoms you know all too well: straining to go, a weak stream, stops and starts, getting up to go at night, and feeling like your bladder isn’t emptying.

Sure enough, the men in the study saw an ENORMOUS 40% drop in the severity of their symptoms.

Plus, pygeum helped the men reduce the number of times they got up at night to pee by 32%. It could be just what you need to finally break free from the bed-to-bathroom marathon.

Best of all? These men reported a 31% improvement in quality of life.

It’s no surprise—getting more sleep definitely makes life a lot more enjoyable. But it gets even better…

Finally—the real relief you need

In an even larger study, 263 men took either 100 mg of pygeum (the same exact dose in every serving of Proluxan) or a placebo daily for 60 days.

Men who took the pygeum …

  • Boosted their urinary flow—for the strong, powerful stream that delivers more complete relief.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of urine left in their bladders after going—imagine hitting the links, or hitting the road, and not having to worry about hitting the head.
  • Cut their combined daytime and nighttime bathroom trips by more than 50%—that’s 50% MORE time you have to enjoy yourself instead of standing over a toilet. You’ll never miss a big touchdown because you were in the bathroom again.

But you can’t expect these results unless you get the right dose, quality, and strength of this extract.

That’s why we scoured the globe for months to find the pygeum in Proluxan. It’s a uniquely potent non-GMO extract designed to provide a concentrated dose of the most active components in pygeum.

That’s the only way to ensure that you get the results you want—the same results seen in human studies.

And when you combine pygeum with another medicinal plant you could…

Pee like a stallion again

Remember when your bathroom breaks were lightning fast? When your stream was so strong that the toilet water would froth and bubble? You can have that again.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been—you don’t have to dribble like a baby—with Proluxan you can pee like a man.

Because it contains another secret weapon…

And that’s urtica dioica—or as it’s more commonly called—stinging nettle. It’s the natural way to help boost the “muscle” in your output. As far back as medieval times, stinging nettle was used to help men get back their youthful, masculine streams.

As you age, more of your testosterone—the hormone that makes you manly—gets converted into the female hormone estrogen. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to turn into an old woman.

The nightmare doesn’t stop there. Estrogen appears to tell your prostate to grow.

And to make things worse, your testosterone can also turn into another hormone called DHT. Just like estrogen, it stimulates your prostate to grow.

That’s great for boys becoming men. But once you’re grown, you don’t want DHT telling your already full-size prostate to get bigger. Yet that’s exactly what it does.

So, your prostate starts pressing on your urethra (the tube that moves urine and semen out of your penis)—making it hard for you to pee. While destroying the surging orgasms you once enjoyed.

But Proluxan helps solve this problem…

81% of men with a growing prostate agree—this works!

This is where Proluxan’s 200 milligrams of superior stinging nettle comes to your rescue. Studies show that it may help block testosterone from turning into DHT and estrogen. Helping you maintain a healthy-sized prostate.  

A 2005 study found that 81% of the men taking 320 mg of stinging nettle for six months reported improvement in issues like a sudden urge to go, going too often, a weak stream, going at night, dribbling, discomfort, and not feeling like your bladder is empty.

And here too…

Proluxan delivers the absolute finest stinging nettle available anywhere. It’s made only from the potent root of the plant. That’s the part shown to work in clinical studies.

A lot of prostate supplements out there use cheap extracts made from the leaves and stem. They don’t work. The only result they deliver is a lighter wallet.

Even when a supplement does use the root—it’s often an inferior product from China. But we didn’t spare any expense in pursuit of the best results. So our stinging nettle comes only from the dark, rich soil of the Spanish countryside. The best in the world.

Plus, unlike what you find in most health food stores—or mail order catalogs—ours is tested to ensure it delivers strong concentrations of prostate-shielding beta-sitosterol and scopoletin.

Scopoletin helps safeguard your prostate cells. And human studies using beta-sitosterol show that it helps men get back stronger streams and empty their bladders better.

This is just one more reason that Proluxan is the most powerful prostate support formula you can find.

But there’s still more to this story that you need to know.

Because when you take this powerful stinging nettle with another science-backed prostate defender you’ll be on your way to…

Sweet satisfaction and FIRE HYDRANT force

If you’ve taken anything for your prostate before, I’m sure it included saw palmetto. And it probably didn’t work for you.

That’s because getting the right kind of saw palmetto is just as important as getting the right dose. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap, weak, overpriced products that don’t work, and should never go into your body.

But when you get the right type of saw palmetto, in the right dose—and combine it with Proluxan’s special stinging nettle extract—it can deliver relief that is unmatched.

A study of men who took the combination found they nearly tripled their urinary flow rate. Tripled it!

Just imagine the satisfaction of letting go a strong, satisfying, complete release….

Imagine not even thinking about going again for hours…

Because that’s what Proluxan guarantees.

In as little as a half an hour you could begin enjoying real relief that just builds. Getting better and better, because it lasts and lasts.

And just like stinging nettle, saw palmetto helps keep DHT—a major stimulator of prostate growth—in check.

And when your DHT levels are healthy you can enjoy:

  • A strong and steady flow—for fast and easy trips to the bathroom that don’t get in the way of doing what you enjoy.
  • A healthy prostate—no more worrying, and no more back and forth to the bathroom at night.
  • A satisfying sex life—the kind you’ll want to brag about to the boys again.

In fact, when it comes to your sex life, Proluxan can help you…

Enjoy powerful orgasms without the “pain in the sack”

Your prostate is central to your sexual response. Without it you can’t even ejaculate.

An important job of your prostate is to make semen and push it up the urethra when you’re about to hit the finish line. But without a healthy prostate, orgasm can be difficult and painful.

Proluxan helps keep your male plumbing strong so you can perform whenever you need to. Best of all, your climaxes will be pleasurable—not painful.

Just look at these results with the same dosage of saw palmetto that’s in Proluxan…

In a 2009 clinical trial men who took saw palmetto for just eight weeks reported that:

  • Maintaining their erections improved by 64%
  • Their sex drive increased by 54%
  • And their sexual satisfaction increased by 64%

Even if your sex life is fine—wouldn’t you like it to be even better?

With Proluxan you could be on your way in as little as 30 minutes. And just imagine how pleased she’ll be with your newfound vigor.

Now, the type of saw palmetto you get is critical if you want these kind of results. Because when you get the right stuff…

This “savior oil” could save your prostate

First, what you actually need are the saw palmetto berries. Those are what delivered the results in the human studies.

A lot of products out there try to pull one over on you by simply listing “saw palmetto” on the label. That way they can get away with giving you all of the useless, throw-away parts that don’t do squat.

Second, you need potency. The saw palmetto berry extract in Proluxan is among the highest potency available, and contains 85% free fatty acids. Those are what give saw palmetto the muscle to deliver both prostate relief and sexual power.

Third, you need the right dose. Just as you can’t burn rubber on a few drops of gas, you can’t fuel your manhood with miniscule amounts of saw palmetto. That’s why Proluxan delivers the 320 mg dose shown effective in human studies.

And most important, you need quality. Even if you get the berries, at the right potency and dose—it’s all a waste if what’s inside them is trash. That’s why Proluxan contains the extract of the finest saw palmetto berries on earth.

These fresh, medicinal berries are grown in Germany. A country renowned for its high standards and clean agriculture.

But we didn’t stop there. In order to deliver results you can feel—you must protect the precious oil inside of these high quality saw palmetto berries. A lot of companies heat their berries or use chemicals to extract their oil. That can knock the potency right out of them.

Here at New Summit Nutritionals our berry extract is made with a Supercritical CO2 process. It’s the only way to get the highest quality oil—the next best thing to eating them fresh off the tree.

So unlike all of those other prostate products out there—Proluxan delivers on the true promise of saw palmetto. That’s why, even if you’ve been disappointed in saw palmetto before—you won’t be this time. And we guarantee it.


While you’re enjoying bedroom fun, sleeping through the night, enjoying life without running to the men’s room every hour, Proluxan is also working hard to help…

Protect your prostate and your manhood—FOR LIFE

If you’re like most men, you hate having to see the doctor. Especially for that old “drop your pants and bend over” routine. It’s not fun, but it’s important to get check-ups. The good news is, if you take care of your prostate now—you’ll find yourself in the doctor’s office a lot less down the road.

So if you want to stay out of the exam room—you need to safeguard your health right now.

That’s why Proluxan includes a high quality green tea extract in every serving.

You may already know that green tea is rich in antioxidants. They help prevent free radical damage—that means they help protect your cells—and you—from aging too fast.

Now recent human studies on green tea show it also delivers potent, long-term protection for your prostate.

A powerful antioxidant in green tea known as EGCG is especially good at targeting free radicals that damage your prostate.

EGCG comes to your rescue by scavenging up destructive free radicals and neutralizing them before they can wreak havoc on your prostate

And while EGCG is a powerhouse all on its own, Proluxan doubles your defense with lycopene. It’s an antioxidant found in tomatoes. And it too has proven benefits for your prostate.

A 2005 study in older men found that lycopene helps keep prostate cells healthy. It helped keep these guys comfortable too.

And Proluxan delivers the exact same dose that the men in the study took—15mg. But we even went a step further and hand-picked the finest lycopene anywhere. Harvested from premium tomatoes grown in France.

As you can see, we scoured the globe—The US…Spain…France…Germany—to find the finest ingredients. We cut no corners to make the only prostate solution you will ever need.

So it’s no surprise that when you compare Proluxan to everything else out there…

It easily blows away the competition—GUARANTEED!

We went to great lengths to give you the best prostate solution in the world… So of course we also made sure it was easy to take. That’s why we packaged it in a vegetarian softgel.

No need to choke down a hunk of chalk passing for a supplement. Because these unique SeaGel® capsules go down nice and smooth.

Plus, Proluxan is made with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients sourced from the most pristine places on earth. And then combined with the best technology and highest quality standards.

But here’s the thing…

Proluxan is only available from New Summit Nutritionals. We formulate the finest supplements in the world, and make it easy by shipping them directly to you. No trips to the store, no parking hassles, no middle-man costs. Just fast service and a great product that works.

When you take Proluxan, you’ll feel the difference—GUARANTEED.

How certain are we that you’ll get the results you want? So confident that we offer you an unheard of 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee on the product price.

That means if you ever decide Proluxan isn’t living up to its promise all you have to do is give us a call. You’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked.

With your Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee you can take as long as you want to feel the way Proluxan’s power keeps building over time. Because it only gets better the longer you take it.

The nutrients in Proluxan could help you…

  • Get fast relief from discomfort—remember, just one dose of its patented hops extract starts combating pain-causing enzymes in as little as 30 minutes—and keeps working for at least 9 hours.
  • Protect your prostate—Proluxan is packed with powerful antioxidants that help protect all your cells—especially in your prostate—for life.
  • Empty your bladder more completely—for the deep down relief you’ve been missing.
  • Beat the “starts and stops”—just imagine what it’ll feel like to have a powerful, unbroken stream again.
  • Boost your urinary flow—for the pressure-washer power you had as a teen.
  • Sleep through the night—without having to get up over and over to head to the bathroom.
  • Enjoy intense, surging orgasms—the kind that make your toes tingle like they used to.

So it’s important that you…

Stock up NOW!

“Proluxan cuts my bathroom trips so I can sleep through the night. I felt the difference in about two weeks.”  
Jeff Harper of Virgina Beach, VA
“Proluxan helps reduce my night time bathroom trips. Worked in just 3 or 4 days. Try it, you’ll like it!”  –Rich Sanders of Boise, ID
“Proluxan helps me with my urge to go. Try it out! Proluxan can give relief to your urinary problems.”  –Lawrence Kenn of Sedona, AZ
“In just a day or two it started to cut down on my bathroom trips, my urge to go, and getting up to pee at night. If you’re thinking of trying Proluxan—don’t hesitate!”  –Roger Vaile of Arlington, VA
“I’m a taxi driver in New York City and found it getting harder and harder to find a bathroom.  What I had been taking just didn't do it for me. But Proluxan worked the first day I took it! It really helped with my urge to go and getting up at night to pee. Thanks to Proluxan I can stay out and work longer without the constant fear of needing a bathroom right away!”  –John Petra in New York, NY
“Proluxan has helped cut my trips to the bathroom! I even have a faster stream now. It’s got great ingredients and I love that’s it’s good for other health concerns too.”  –Lee Hawthorne in Padre Island, TX
“I love the quick relief I get with Proluxan! It worked in just a couple of days. It’s really helped with the starts and stops. Now peeing is easier and I don’t have to get up to go at night as much!"  –Steve Mauer in Renton, WA

These results are not typical. In a clinical study, a leading ingredient helped suppress production of prostaglandins.


Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. Always consult with your physician before making any changes in diet or taking dietary supplements.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

Color of this product may vary due to color variations of the natural ingredients.

Warning: If you have diabetes, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Caution: Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery.

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