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The Natural Way to a Stronger Brain

Ever find yourself groping for a word that you can’t quite bring to mind?

Or trying in vain to recall where you parked your car?

Or desperately searching for the name of a person you’ve known for years?

You’re certainly not alone.

Cognitive abilities tend to diminish with time—memory in particular. That’s normal, if pretty annoying at times.

At the abnormal, much more serious end of the spectrum is dementia.

About 50 million people worldwide have some form of dementia—most commonly, Alzheimer’s disease. There are almost 10 million new cases every year.[1]

Mainstream medicine offers very little help. Prescription medications can’t stop it, or even slow it down. At best, they can temporarily relieve symptoms.[2]

Luckily, there is one natural supplement that improves brain health without side effects.

Citicoline (pronounced sit-ih-COH-leen) is a compound that occurs naturally in your body. It boosts the levels of important neurotransmitters. It’s found in some foods, but you can get a therapeutic dose only from supplements.

Citicoline’s brain benefits have strong scientific backing…

A study in the journal Food and Nutrition Sciences looked at 60 middle-aged subjects. Scientists divided them into three groups: One took 250 mg citicoline supplements. The second group took 500 mg.  The third group took a placebo.

After 28 days, both citicoline groups had improved attention levels.[3]

A trial from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Clinical Research Center randomly assigned older subjects to take either citicoline or a placebo. Researchers gave the subjects memory tests at the beginning and end.

The citicoline subjects’ memory strengthened. The scientists concluded that citicoline “may prove effective in treating age-related cognitive decline.”[4]

A study published in the journal NMR in Biomedicine looked at the chemical effects of citicoline on the brain. Scientists found the compound increases energy production in the frontal cortex. That’s the brain area responsible for planning, language, and decision making.[5]

Researchers at Spain’s Clinical Neurosciences Research Center gave 1,000 mg of citicoline each day to Alzheimer’s patients. After a month, the patients had better mental performance. And blood flow in their brains increased.[6]

Citicoline is safe and well-tolerated. But it does interact with some Parkinson’s medications. Consult your doctor before taking it.

Citicoline is available from online retailers and health food stores.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean putting up with “senior moments.” Citicoline is powerful medicine for your brain. Like this Article? Forward this article here or Share on Facebook