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August 09, 2018

I don’t normally condone eating sugary snacks. And I still believe that soda and other sugar-laden processed foods among the worst things you can put in your mouth.

But I’m intrigued by a new study. It shows that sugar–in very small doses–can give your brain a quick boost.

Researchers found that it can give you the mental energy to complete a difficult task. Not on...

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August 07, 2018

If your doctor has warned you about high blood pressure, he probably told you it was bad for your heart.

But brand-new research shows that healthy blood pressure may be even more important to another vital organ…your brain.

The study showed that lowering blood pressure can actually prevent Alzheimer’s. This is the first time a human trial has shown a connection bet...

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July 26, 2018

If you have chronic pain, you might find relief in the strangest place…

The prestigious British Medical Journal published a case study recently about a man who cured his chronic nerve pain by jumping into a cold lake. A botched surgery had left him with severe, debilitating pain.

No amount of painkillers seemed to help. His quality of life was dwindling. I...

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